One Comprehensive Automotive Merchandising Tool

With the MAXDigital Content Generation Engine, there’s finally a way to have all the answers. The Content Generation Engine pulls relevant information from every corner of the Internet to develop vehicle descriptions.

The MAX Digital Marketing & Sales tools don’t just pull vehicle descriptions — they are formatted to help your sales team explain why your cars are priced the way they are. Speak confidently with your customers armed with the power of details from MAXDigital’s platform for each and every vehicle in your inventory.

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Be Thorough and Transparent: MAXDigital Helps Dealers Turn Online and Showroom Visitors Into Buyers

MAXDigital offers dealers three key tools that turn the information pulled from the MAX Content Generation Engine into a digestible, interactive experience for customers.

MaxDigital MaxAd
MaxDigital MAX for Website
MaxDigital Showroom

MaxDigital MaxAd

Relevance is key when trying to reach potential buyers. MAX Ad compiles information from a dealer’s inventory management system and the MAX Content Generation Engine to create unique ads with a high level of consumer relevance.

MAX Ads are first optimized with a strategic format and description. Then we automatically send each ad (including pictures and pricing) to over 200 3rd party websites like Autotrader, and dealer websites.

Is this car right for me?
Am I buying a lemon?
Is this a fair price?
Why is this car better than the others I've seen?
Why should I buy from this dealer?

+MAX Mobile Webloader

The MAX Mobile Webloader allows dealers to manage vehicle photos and equipment packages directly from your lot on an Apple or Android phone.

MaxDigital MAX for Website

+MAX Ad Window Stickers

Keep your information up to date and in-house with customizable window stickers for vehicles in your showroom — just update listing data online in MAX Ad and print stickers immediately after.

MaxDigital Max for Website

Increase customer engagement on your website, and convert your online visitors into buyers on your lot with our Vehicle Value Reports. With MAX For Website, customers spend 200% more time on your VDP pages because it provides your customers with all the information they need and want in one place. They ultimately spend more time viewing your specific vehicles, and less time looking at your competitor’s websites. MAX For Website also offers Trade-In-Value Reporting that integrates seamlessly with all CRMs.

90 percent of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, so MAX For Website integrates with Dealer Rater to show ratings directly on each VDP.

MaxDigital Max for Website

MaxDigital Max for Website

MaxDigital Max for Website

Get a MAXDigital Demo Today

Seeing is believing, so take a look into how MAXDigital products are shaping the new digital dealership.

MaxDigital Showroom

Invest in your sales team, empower your customers: MAX Digital Showroom eliminates “showrooming” on the lot and creates an understanding between dealer and customer.

MaxDigital Showroom

MaxDigital Showroom

Prove Vehicle Value Across Devices

Turn each member of your sales team into a product expert with the power of MAX Digital Showroom. This tool provides your salespeople with direct, convenient access to detailed information about each and every vehicle in your online inventory.

MAX Digital Showroom gives employees more than just product knowledge — it gives them the confidence and credibility they need to make a sale. Use MAX Digital Showroom on desktop, tablet, and mobile (Android and Apple) devices.

+Group Performance Dashboard

With the MAX Group Performance Dashboard, dealer groups have total visibility of their entire online merchandising efforts, allowing them to quickly identify opportunities to improve performance and enable best practices at every store.

MaxDigital Group Performance Dashboard

“We show them the price of other similar models in the market, and if ours is $1,500 to $2,000 higher in price but certified, we’ll show them why. Using MAX Digital Showroom, you can show someone that a vehicle might be priced higher than the average in the market but has $6,000 in options from the factory that those other vehicles don’t. It helps justify why we set that price.”

Jon Goodart, Operations Manager, Price LeBlanc

“We launched the MAX Digital Showroom and it immediately eliminated the need for an inventory sheet previously used by our salespeople.”

Andy Strong, Co-Owner, Waconia Dodge

“A couple of years ago we switched to MAXDigital, and have worked hand in hand with them for three years now at all our stores. One of the reasons we like MAX is that they not only have good market data before we purchase, but their program generates really good content and descriptions on each vehicle for the consumer.”

Michael Cavanaugh, Chief Operating Officer, CARite

“Preloading the packages is the easiest and best thing about the MAX system. None of us are experts on all makes and models. This gives us all the information we need to be smart salespeople.”

Jon Goodart, Operations Manager, Price LeBlanc

Direct Access for Customers

More than 70 percent of customers use their mobile devices while they are on the lot. Instead of fearing the modern tech-savvy buyer, let us help you empower them to make a smart purchase.

MAX Digital Showroom allows dealership customers access to all the information of every vehicle on your lot with a simple scan on their mobile device. No more price drops, no more unnecessary discounts: MAX Digital Showroom lets buyers and dealers communicate with each other about the value and associated price of your cars.

What is mobile “showrooming”?

Mobile “showrooming” is the phenomenon where consumers browse your local competitors for better deals via their mobile device while standing on your lot.

MaxDigital Showroom

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