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Give your BDC team everything they need

With MAX BDC, it’s easy. Provide a wicked-fast information rich experience. Instantly search your full inventory, answer every question, provide trade estimates and more.

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What sets MAX Digital Apart

  • Consumer Preferred
  • Data Backed
  • Dealer Proven

Customer expectations have changed significantly in automotive retail. MAX Digital uses over 1500 live shopping experiments monthly, thousands of live interviews, as well as usability and design testing to understand every step of the consumer buying journey. We help dealerships to improve their customer experiences, so their teams can be more successful.

Access the most extensive database in the industry with a library of over 500 million vehicle attributes, broad off-brand OEM build data coverage and over six million unique vehicles updated in the market listings daily. Integrations, write back capabilities and exceptionally clean feeds to hundreds of sites and services deliver system-wide updates effortlessly.

If a vendor solution doesn’t work in the dealership, it doesn’t work. Some of the largest most respected dealership groups in the United States have road-tested our software and services. We have them as clients because our services delivered in their dealerships. Tested head to head they found them to outperform every other solution in delivering more total profit.

What MAX Digital Can do for You

New BDC Tools


Lightning fast toolkit for BDCs including appointment setting, sales enablement, and trade estimation.

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Ad Generation & Syndication

MAX Ad & Syndication

Automotive merchandising software for smart automated vehicle listings.

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Merchandising & Sales Enablement

MAX Digital Showroom

Empower your salespeople with all the detailed information available on a vehicle.

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Collaborative Trade-In Valuation

MAX My Trade

A walk-around appraisal tool that helps customers feel included in reaching a fair trade-in value.

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Inventory Management


The pioneer of automotive inventory management software, FirstLook is the most powerful tool for your inventory.

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MAX Digital really gives us a compelling reason as to why the car is priced right to begin with… When the customers believe and have validation that it’s a good price from a third party, it’s easier for them to feel relaxed and confident that we’re treating them fairly.

Jeff Pursel

Variable Operations Director

Our Happy Customers

24/7 Support and Guidance

For more than a decade, MAX Digital has been supporting automotive retailers with our four-tier approach: Executive-Level Coaching, Dedicated Sales Management, and 24/7 Support. Call one toll-free number for answers and resolutions to any product-related question:

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Seeing is Believing

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