About MAX Digital | Auto Dealer Software & Inventory Management

About MAX Digital

We are dealer champions. We exist to provide the best customer experience available in automotive because that is the only sustainable path in automotive retail. No other provider has a deeper understanding of the buying process, how it has changed and is changing.

We leverage over 1500 live shopping experiments monthly and thousands of live interviews, as well as dedicated usability and design research to test and understand every step of the consumer buying journey. Each element of our software suite is designed around delivering what car buyers want, in the way they want it. We help dealers transition to the consumer-centric future of automotive retail in the way that is right for them and their teams.

MAX Digital first broke into the emerging automotive digital retailing space as a pioneer in inventory management software. From there, we grew the company by focusing on software geared towards automotive marketing and sales tools.  

We serve some of the largest most respected dealership groups in the United States because they have road-tested our services and found our partnership to outperform every other solution on the market in total value: in building the best customer experience, broadest team success, and strongest financial results. The team culture is like no other, the focus is on the team win and supporting every member to be most successful in achieving their part of the mission.