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MAX Digital is a Chicago-based SAAS company that has been a leader in the auto retail digital space for more than 15 years. MAX Digital is dedicated to closing the gap between today’s digitally enabled consumers and car dealerships. We provide software and mobile applications for the automotive industry, empowering auto dealers to conduct transparent sales transactions, increase gross profits, and sell more cars through digital retailing. Our company’s mission goes beyond the suite of dealership tools we offer. With everything we do, we strive to embody our core values:
  • Excellence: At MAX Digital, we always put integrity first, and we can’t do that without a team dedicated to keeping high standards of discipline, behavior, and professionalism.
  • Innovation: Our team thrives on creating cutting-edge solutions and products for our customers. Everything we do revolves around helping our customers improve their business and be more profitable.
  • Responsiveness: Throughout every step of the process, we provide excellent customer service and always carry a sense of urgency to deliver on our promises.
  • Agility: We are market-driven and adaptable. Instead of fearing change, we embrace the curves and pivots that come with software development.
  • Focus: 80% of our desired results are caused by 20% of our primary efforts. We remain laser-focused on our goals throughout every step of the research and development process.
MAX Digital first broke into the emerging automotive digital retailing space as a pioneer in inventory management software. From there, we grew the company by focusing on software geared towards automotive marketing and sales tools. While our clients are our main focus, our team is the foundation of MAX Digital. Many of the early employees are still with the company more than 10 years later, in multiple functions in the organization. Our goal is to continue to grow within the digital retail space and help car dealers hold gross profits. We love to see how our efforts make a measurable impact on our clients’ success and how our dealership tools become seamless additions to our clients’ organizations and sales processes. We’re currently looking to grow our team! If you’re enthusiastic about providing digital solutions for car dealerships, explore our software engineers job openings below.
MAXDigital Team | About Us
MAXDigital Team | About Us
MAXDigital Team | About Us

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