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We are dealer champions. We exist as a company to provide the retail operating system for dealerships that enables the best consumer and staff experience and helps the dealership make more money on every car. We serve the some of the largest most respected dealership groups in the United States, because they have road-tested our services and found them to outperform every other solution on the market in total value.

We build smart professional solutions from inventory management to digital retailing including mobile showroom collaboration tools. We have the largest most accurate dataset in the industry pulling in millions of VINs daily to help dealerships acquire the highest potential inventory ready to price right.

We understand that employee turnover is a core challenge in our industry, especially on the sales teams, so we provide the guided experiences that make even the newest employee an instant expert in representing your inventory. We create the most comprehensive and buyer-friendly vehicle descriptions, that leverage our proprietary database to organize the key information buyers want to see and make sure your cars and trucks are easy to find in searches and test-drive ready. We provide an easy view into your market and your store sales history so serving the automotive needs of your community is profitable and builds long term customer relationships.

No other provider has a deeper understanding of the buying process, how it has changed and is changing. We’ve built the Path to Purchase approach, which helps dealerships transition to fully omnichannel at the pace that makes sense for that individual dealership. Each element of our software suite is designed around what car buyers want, in a way that makes it easy for your team to have success day one.

Each tool is built with the simple goal of retaining or capturing the most gross profit in any given transaction through a fair, transparent, and customer preferred process, so it’s sustainable.

MAX Digital has deep roots in service to the dealership community. Pat Ryan Jr., our founder, pioneered automotive inventory management with FirstLook, which was named in 2008 the No. 4 fastest growing software company in the United States. He holds a U.S. Patent for INCISENT’s first generation Expert System Technology as a part of a team from INCISENT and Northwestern University’s Artificial Intelligence DevLab. His father Pat Ryan Sr was inducted in the Automotive Hall of Fame for founding dealership financing as we know it today. His grandfather ran a Ford dealership in suburban Milwaukee. The company is led today by Steve (Fitz) Fitzgerald a Former US Navy SEAL (US Navy Captain). The executive team and board of directors at MAX have a combined over 100 years of service in automotive leadership and over 30 in military service. We bring together the best that technology and practical operational leadership have to offer to help our partners dominate in their trading areas.

The team culture is like no other, the focus is on the team win and supporting every member to be most successful in achieving their part of the mission.

MAXDigital Team
MAXDigital Team
MAXDigital Team
MAXDigital Team


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