About MAXDigital

MAXDigital is a Chicago-based SAAS company that has been a leader in the auto retail digital space for 15+ years. MAXDigital is dedicated to closing the gap between today’s digitally enabled consumers and car dealerships. We provide cloud-based software and mobile applications for the automotive industry, helping car dealers across the US acquire, price, merchandise, and sell their new and used car inventory to satisfy the digital consumer, prove value in a vehicle and improve gross profits in each unit sold. MAXDigital is evolving the way that dealers operate so they can better win today’s digital consumers.

The future is about engaging with, listening to, and speaking to today’s consumer in the way they want… and evolving the way dealers do business to do just that. Today’s customers don’t shop for cars the same way they did ten years ago. Car buyers today are better informed than ever before, and most of them have already made a decision by the time they set foot in a dealership showroom.

For us at MAXDigital, we have seen these challenges play out time and time again. Today’s digital consumers want a transparent and consistent sales process that demonstrates quality and value in the vehicle they are looking to buy. Selling based on price alone is no longer enough. The question then becomes, how do dealers evolve the sales process to win today’s digital consumer?

That’s where we come in.

In our experience working with some of the industry’s most innovative dealers, there are four critical steps that dealers need to take in order to enable their people and win with today’s digital consumers.

  • Acquire right
  • Price right
  • Market right
  • Sell right
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