ACV's Smart Acquisition Manager (S.A.M.) | MAX Digital

Looking for more inventory? Try ACV’s

Smart Acquisition Manager

By pairing ACV’s Smart Acquisition Manager (S.A.M.) to your existing MAX Digital account, you’ll take your dealership to the next level. With a minimal weekly time investment to keep your buying preferences up to date, you can rest easy knowing you will never miss out on securing core inventory for your dealership.

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Key Features

      • Set clear buying rules around the exact condition of a vehicle.

      • Set S.A.M. Alerts for exactly what inventory you are looking for. Get notified via text and email only when a vehicle that fits your buying rules comes up.

      • Customize vehicle condition preferences down to granular details, including or excluding condition report details such as warning lights, tire condition, frame damage and title statuses.

      • Your own virtual buying assistant that is working for your 24/7.

      • Include transportation rules into the buying restrictions.

      • Choose to use as an advanced notification tool, or use as a data-driven buying tool. Dealers can pick which S.A.M. Models are set up for bidding and which ones will only receive notifications.

    Two Key Programmatic Buying Options

    S.A.M. – If you do not have your own technology platforms, you can use our user experience to create a highly detailed S.A.M. Model including specifying condition, pricing, and location parameters. Upon completion, your inventory needs are then launched automatically.

    S.A.M. API – This offering is available for dealers who have technology platforms that can integrate directly with ACV’s real-time APIs to generate bids within our marketplace. Current users of this solution include large dealers, rental car companies and others in the automotive used vehicle buying category.