Favor Your Dealership with MAXDigital’s Appraisal Tool

To close a trade-in in favor of your dealership, you need to satisfy two conditions. First, you’re buying a car another customer will want. Second, you’re buying it at a price that will reinforce your store’s bottom line. You can easily meet these two goals with MAXDigital’s exclusive appraisal tool.

Only Profit MAXlets you drill down to the specific packages and features of the car you’re looking at. We then give you access to the most market listings in the industry so you can make a well-informed offer. MAXDigital’s appraisal tool uses 10 pricing proof points that will give you the best value on the car you’re looking at.

Effective appraisal isn’t about comparing apples to apples. It’s about comparing one granny smith to hundreds of other granny smiths. That way you know exactly how much one costs and how much you can pay to still make a profit.

When you look at more cars, you find more cars you can sell. It’s simple math.

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Boost Your Dealership’s Efficiency with MAXDigital’s Appraisal Tool

Our appraisal calculator helps you achieve a cost-to-market approach to used car sales. We want to give you the best shot at maintaining a positive spread on every car you sell, as well as your pre-owned inventory as a whole. This tool is designed to do that for you.

When you use the MAXDigital platform, you’ll find that every aspect of your sales process runs more efficiently. Using an appraisal tool means you can perform more appraisals. When you look at more cars, you find more cars you can sell. Sell more cars, and you’ll make more money. It’s simple math.

Visit our blog for more information on why the cost-to-market approach can be profitable for your dealership. Reach out to us to schedule a demonstration of the MAXDigital appraisal tool or to ask about one of our other solutions.