April 2023 Newsletter - MAX Digital



April 2023




Dealer Spotlight: Sharon Chevrolet

“MAX brings a lot to the table. There is an endless amount of data that one can dive into to find out how to increase profitability.“
– Tyler Zinsmeyer, General Sales Manager, Sharon Chevrolet

New Product Enhancement

Looking to quickly appraise cars? You’re in luck! MAX launched a new feature that gives you the ability to compare data without having to jump between tabs during the appraisal process. To activate faster appraisals at your dealership, click the button below or contact your account rep.


Using Data to Acquire the Right Cars for Your Lot and Hold More Gross per Transaction

Making the right decision on inventory for your lot starts with data. And when it comes to acquiring the right vehicles, you need the cleanest feeds possible. Empower your dealership to break free from the pack by making choices based on the best insights available.


How to Win After Acquiring That Car!

So, you’ve just acquired a car that your lot needs…now what? If you don’t have a roadmap to win, you risk squandering opportunities and damaging your bottom line. Be purposeful in how you market, merchandise, and sell. It’s time to develop a plan and WIN with MAX Digital.

Minimize Risk by Maximizing Technology for Inventory, Acquisition, and People Performance

What risks are you taking at your dealership? If you are still guessing about what technology to use, then it is time to step into the next generation. From your customers to your team, MAX delivers solutions to help your inventory, profits, and people succeed at every step of the way.

What is a Dealer Management System?

A Dealer Management System is an excellent way for you to get your lot in shape. Need to know the basics? Check out our rundown to learn what makes a good DMS and how it can help you experience peak inventory performance.

6 Used SUVs That Belong on Your Lot

Stocking the right SUVs at a dealership can help you keep up with growing consumer demand. Below are six options worth considering for your lot.