#StopTheDrop Evaluation

Now more than ever, customers are spending a majority of the car-buying process online, researching cars in your inventory before they set foot in your showroom. Unnecessarily dropping price is on the rise, and it might be creating a reduction in your profit margin that can add up to major losses over time. Take our 5-minute quiz to find out if there's more you can be doing to Stop the Drop.

  1. Are you tracking gross retention per vehicle at your dealership?

  2. When negotiating with your customers, how many back and forth's between sales managers and sales people need to happen before your dealership can close the deal?

  3. What types of data (Pricing Proof Points) do you use to prove your vehicle has a fair price? [Select all that apply]

  4. Which websites do you use to demonstrate pricing data (Pricing Proof Points)?

  5. Which tools do you use to educate your sales team on your current inventory and vehicle pricing? [Select all that apply]

  6. How knowledgeable is your staff on the off-brand cars your dealership carry?

  7. While on your lot, do your customers actively look at vehicles on competing dealer's websites (showroom) with their smart phones?

  8. How do you know from an individual stand point which sales team members are holding gross and losing gross?

  9. How often do your customers come in to your dealership and expect to “do battle” with your sales team?

  10. How much background and training does your sales team have on consumer and digital behavioral trends?