August 2021 Newsletter - MAX Digital


August 2021

You Have the Cars You Want…Now What Do You Do?

What standards do you have in place when getting a car ready for your lot? MAX Digital’s Matt LaRue explains how to build relationships with your team, manage your time, and ensure your inventory is ready for the customer.

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Back to Basics: Inventory Management Made Simple

Whether you are new to the game, an expert in your field, or simply need a refresher, sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. Inventory management doesn’t have to be complex. So, let’s kick off the conversation with inventory management 101!

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August Dealership-of-the-Month: Midlands Honda

Congrats to Midlands Honda, our August Dealership of the Month! As a team, they aim to build a family by bridging the gap between customers and staff. Learn more about how they leverage MAX Ad for success.

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Preparing for What’s to Come as Prices and Inventory Fluctuates

We all know that inventory and prices fluctuate. But how do we use this knowledge to prepare for the future? Join MAX Digital’s Kevin Walders as he discusses how to get your lot on the right path for success for the rest of the year.

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How Do You Know Which Car is Right for Your Lot?

Stocking your lot shouldn’t be a guessing game. Discover which vehicles will perform the best at your dealership with next-generation inventory management.

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Back to Basics: Transforming Your Staff into Instant Experts

Training is critical to your dealership’s success. That’s why it is so important to take a step back to the basics and work on transforming your staff into instant experts. Want to find out how? Click the link and learn more!

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How a Smile Can Transform Your Post-Sale Retention

How important is post-sale retention at your lot? If you’re focusing on the wrong things, your service drive will suffer. Read as MAX Digital’s Matt LaRue explains how you can be successful with a simple smile and genuine greeting.

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Take Charge of Your Lot with Sales Enablement

Are you being proactive or reactive? Now is the time to take charge of your lot and set yourself up for success. Make the right choices for sales enablement today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

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Is Your Technology Slowing Down Your Dealership?

Is your technology slowing your dealership down? If you don’t have the right stack of solutions, you risk losing out on sales and grosses. Learn how to make sure your technology is up to speed.

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