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August 2022






Congratulations to BMW of Eugene, MAX Digital’s August Dealership of the Month

BMW of Eugene’s dedication to customers has allowed them to increase their reach and find new successes. Find out more about BMW of Eugene and how they leverage MAX Digital.

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Where Does the Automotive Industry Go From Here If We Want Profits to Remain High?

Profits are high, but is that sustainable? The time to look back at all the lessons learned over the last couple of years is now. Discover how advanced technology solutions can usher your dealership into the future while maintaining higher grosses.

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What to do when customers are spending less time at your dealership?

Where are consumers spending their time? How can you best get their attention and win their business? The customer journey has changed forever. MAX’s Jack Kane dives into how these changes impact your dealership as dealership visits decrease and time spent online increases.

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Improve Operations by Emotionally Connected with Consumers

Are you actually connecting with consumers? There is one way to bridge the gap between your dealership and customers. Build trust and transparency into every touchpoint by connecting with the emotional needs of modern consumers.

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Build Your Brand Today and Protect it Down the Road

Your brand is critical to your success. That’s why it’s important to carefully build it and leverage your team to enhance the customer experience. Learn how to build and protect your brand.

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Improving Operations During The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is winding down and autumn is around the corner. Now is the time to get your house in order by improving your operations with technology solutions designed with your dealership in mind. Need a gameplan?

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