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MAX Digital Inventory Management Software

MAX Digital’s inventory management and automotive merchandising products form a solid foundational core for dealerships to appraise, price, merchandise, and sell your inventory. MAX tools are created with a simple goal — make more on every car. We offer best-in-class professional tools to manage inventory, and no one in the industry has better data to help you understand what will sell in your dealership.
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

Learn how our suite of inventory management software gets your fleet frontline-ready and poised to sell.

MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

Acquire and Stock With Confidence

Our vehicle inventory management tool mines historical sales data and puts them side-by-side with current market trends specific to your area. This allows you to acquire the type of cars, trucks, and SUVs most likely to sell in your location.

Instantly Appraise

Our auto dealer inventory management software pulls market data on current vehicle pricing to help you find a fair appraisal point for each car in your inventory. Pair our inventory software tools like MAX Pricing & Appraisal with MAX My Trade for the most robust approach to pricing and appraising across the full inventory cycle.
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

Validate Your Numbers

With ten pricing proof points, including third-party resources like Kelley Blue Book, NADA and Edmunds, you can validate your pricing and appraisals making it easy to avoid unnecessary discounting.

Get the Word Out

With MAX Ad, you can automatically render vehicle listings with detailed descriptions and syndicate them on over 200 top automotive retail websites to make some noise in the marketplace. Our tools make this process seamless and easy so you don’t lose any time getting your listings in front of customers.
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

FirstLook, the Pioneer of Modern Automotive Inventory Management

When FirstLook Systems was founded in 2001, it created the category of automotive inventory management software, as we know it today by bringing sophisticated retail analytics and expert systems to what was then one of the largest and most inefficient retail verticals – retail automotive. In 2008, FirstLook’s dramatic growth earned the rank of #4 fastest-growing software company in the Inc. 500 rankings. In 2014, MAX Systems was recognized as the #3 fastest-growing software companies in the Inc. 500 rankings. In 2015, FirstLook merged with its sister company, MAX Systems to create MAX Digital. Today, MAX Digital operates one of the industry’s most powerful automotive inventory management platforms. Backed by a rich history of innovation, MAX Digital’s cloud-based applications have remained best-in-practice by combining powerful analytics with cutting edge retail practices. From the founding of FirstLook to the present day, performance management and reporting capabilities have been developed in close partnership with large dealer group clients, keeping the focus on consistent delivery of superior results. MAX Digital works with BMW USA and over 1,500 dealership retailers across the United States to transform their retail processes and sell more vehicles more profitably through smart inventory management and digital retail solutions.

Make more on every car.

MAX Out Your Inventory

There’s no other software in the industry that brings you closer to your inventory. Our automotive inventory management software tools make it easy for your team to be successful in making more money from every car, every time.
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software
MAX Pricing and Appraisal helps you acquire the right inventory and price it correctly. Our cost to market appraisal tool leverages data drawn from millions of VINs. Compare other vehicles to your stock based on model, make, trim, mileage, packages, and equipment to ensure every car in your inventory has a fair and competitive price.
This software also comes with analytics functionality built into the dashboard so you can measure your team’s performance over time. Schedule a free demonstration of our software to see what’s possible when the right tools are put in the hands of your dealership.
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

Use the inventory planner…

to adjust pricing on your aging inventory, see how many vehicles and models you have in-stock and set-up custom rules and goals to alert you when to reevaluate inventory and more.

MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software


Automatically source your vehicle data to create detailed listings for any car, truck, or SUV in your inventory. Your ads go online immediately and can be pushed to hundreds of automotive retail websites with MAX Syndication.

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Our robust Inventory Management and Merchandising software suite includes:

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