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MAX Digital Group Command Center

The advantage that a dealership group holds over the market is power in numbers. When the resources, knowledge, and insights of every store in the group are harnessed, the sum is greater than the parts.

The Group Command Center from MAX Digital is designed with the unique capabilities to improve retail performance management specifically for dealership groups.

MAX Digital Group Command Center

The Group Command Center serves as a main dashboard
providing visibility into the performance analytics of a dealership group.

View the performance of the entire group or of each individual store. Run comparisons, analyze trends, and gain insight into the successes, opportunities, pain points, and actions of each dealership within the group.

MAX Digital Group Command Center

With Group Command Center, you’ll be able to identify:

  1. The effectiveness of different stores at closing trade appraisals.
  2. Which stores have inventory aging issues.
  3. Pricing opportunities that exist within each store or across the group as a whole.
  4. Gross profit and turn perspective.
  5. Opportunities to transfer vehicles within the group to maximize sales potential.

Group Command Center allows for more than 20 data views all designed to boost retail performance. Just a sampling of these views includes:

MAX Digital Group Command Center

In-Group Appraisal Closing Effectiveness

See how each store ranks in terms of appraisal closing rates, how profitable immediate wholesale cars are, and how often each store utilizes the system. This kind of insight allows group general managers to make informed decisions and draw on the success of top-performing locations.

MAX Digital Group Command Center

In-Group Average Aging Profile.

Each new day means your inventory is getting older. By displaying the current aging profile of the entire group, users can drill down into the analytics of each store to pinpoint potential aging opportunities. This level of visibility empowers dealership groups to isolate aging issues and uncover opportunities for continuous improvement.

MAX Digital Group Command Center

In-Group Pricing Effectiveness

Inventory moves at a high margin when dealerships recognize the profit potential of their vehicles and communicate that value to consumers. This requires transitioning from price-based selling to value-based selling. Acquiring this centralized visibility allows general managers to identify pricing opportunities that accelerate decision making and performance for the entire group.

MAX Digital Group Command Center

In-Group Redistribution Opportunities

Aging risk can be reduced and profits can soar simply by transferring the right vehicles to the right stores. Gain visibility into where each type of vehicle has the best chance for success and shift inventory as needed. See how profitable your transfers are within the group and eliminate wholesale losses.

MAX Digital Group Command Center

In-Group Retail Benchmarking.

Sweet Spot Sales (vehicles that retail between 1-30 days), Retail Sales Efficiency (vehicles retailing between 1-60 days), and minimizing aged wholesale loss are the benchmarks used by top dealership groups. Use the visibility of these and other benchmarks to stack rank stores, compare benchmark metrics across the group, and glean from the top performers in your group.

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RPM TIP – In Group Auction:

Facilitating an internal group auction for aging retail pieces can be a very profitable way to move vehicles to a more optimal location. Set guidelines for what the floor price is and let the stores bid for the aging units. It is just like going to the auction only you have the reconditioning information, and there are no sell fees, buy fees, or transportation costs. This all amounts to a much more profitable retail sale.

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