MAX Pricing & Appraisal makes it easy to manage your inventory and precisely reflect the most current fair-market value of each vehicle.

Simple, Robust, Pricing & Appraisal

Stock With Confidence

Combine historical sales data with current market trends from your area to stock your inventory with the vehicles most likely to sell. You can directly integrate our software with your DMS to mine your full sales history.


Scan the VIN and use our auto valuation tool to access millions of VINs from across the nation while going beyond just make and model. Utilize our used car inventory software to see data such as mileage, trims, and accessories to conduct the most accurate market comparisons in minutes.

…& Price Appropriately

Internet pricing updates keep you OEM pricing-compliant and provide access to rich market data as well as consolidated third-party pricing verification to ensure you’re pricing is directly on target. New car campaigns can be repriced as a batch with just a few clicks.

Improve Performance

MAX Pricing and Appraisal provides powerful management tools and reporting. These reports help your dealership quickly and accurately assess your current performance and give you the information you need to improve.

With the data we have in hand now, I can look at everything from the closing rate on trades to the top sellers for the past two, six or eight weeks. I can get down to what option packages and colors give me the fastest turnarounds.


Used Car Sales Manager
Zimbrick Chevrolet

Seeing is Believing

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