Automotive Inventory Management Powered by MAXDigital

The MAXDigital Inventory Management Platform was designed with dealers in mind. The experts at our company have more than 15 years of experience working with and for car dealerships, so when you work with us, you’re working with people who understand you and the issues you face on a daily basis. Our system not only helps you monitor and control the ordering and storing of vehicles at your dealership. It also helps you plan out acquisition while improving your inventory turnover. Depending on how long you’ve worked with us, you may remember FirstLook, our original inventory management software. As we refined the way our techniques and analytics integrate into your system, we’ve expanded our platform while offering more advanced functionality. Now we offer a complete product suite designed to make it easier for you to sort, stock, and sell your inventory.

MAXDigital Offers the Killer App for Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management platform gives your dealership the advantage by integrating seamlessly with your DMS. We give you a dashboard that gives you a better understanding of the cars on your lot and the cars you might want to acquire. With our software, you can sync directly with OEM platforms. Just plug in a VIN and you’ll instantly know a car’s trim level, engine type, option packages, and more. This helps you manage and sort your existing inventory as well as any acquisitions that match your dealership’s brand. Where the MAXDigital Inventory Management Platform really sets itself apart is with our Stocking and Appraisal tools. We cross reference your historical data with real-time data from your market. Easily determine the best-selling models for your store to create a strong core inventory, then supplement that with the most desirable cars in your region. Our platform helps you move cars through your lot quickly – from acquisition to sales. Get in touch with us if you would like to schedule a demonstration of the MAXDigital Inventory Management Platform or one of our other solutions.