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Extended to our dealers for FREE for 60 days

We have something that can help you today and throughout the current situation. It’s called MAX BDC and it’s free now.

Within 48 hours we can have your inbound lead teams (BDC, Internet Department or Sales Team) set up and serving customers on this collaborative platform. It enables a completely customized shared experience during your customer’s online shopping journey and a quick handoff to your Sales Team when the customer is ready to buy.

We spent all of 2019 building this tool and debuted it at NADA with great results. Now, we are offering a way to help our dealers to keep connected and engaged with their customers during this period of uncertainty.

Stay safe and be well.

Steve Fitzgerald
CEO, MAX Digital

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One Call Satisfaction

MAX BDC is a wicked-fast, information-rich experience your automotive BDC team has to see to believe. Your team can find any vehicle in an instant with a simplified search set-up. They can answer every customer question with the smart display and easily identify additional vehicles to meet your customer’s needs, estimate trade-ins and much more.

A Three-Way Collaborative Platform

This unified conversion experience connects the BDC, the sales team and customer. Since this tool integrates with all major CRM systems, the BDC can arm the sales team with more quality information about each individual lead. That way, when the customer arrives your salesperson has their favorite car pulled up and ready to go.

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