Digital Dealer 20 Recap: the Good, the Great, and the Awesome

Digital Dealer 20 Recap: the Good, the Great, and the Awesome

At Digital Dealer 20 in Orlando, Florida, attendees and vendors had an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and changes in sales processes, tools for connecting with consumers, and digital marketing. It was the usual fast-paced, high-octane whirlwind that coupled learning sessions with exhibit browsing—and even incorporated some new ideas like Tech Tank, a product presentation that emulated the popular television show Shark Tank.

With all of this interaction we had over the course of just three days, we wanted to present the good, better, and best experiences at Digital Dealer for MAXDigital.


It’s difficult to classify this as “good” (because it’s always great), but we had a good time talking with attendees at our personal booth, #911, throughout the conference. Our team always enjoys the opportunity to speak with people about how our products can help their dealership excel. For us, the conference isn’t just about sales—sure, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to sell or acquire leads, but it’s good to make the initial connection and just educate people.

Here’s our product. Here’s what it does. Here’s how it can help you. Here’s the results. And here’s the case studies or historical evidence to substantiate it.

We remain confident that, once the information absorbs, everyone can realize the value in what we offer. And that’s what makes this conference so beneficial for both vendors and dealers: everyone gets to meet new people and evaluate whether or not a partnership would be beneficial.


MAXDigital was able to make an impact during the learning sessions.

Brad Kruse, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Jason Price, National Sales Director.

These two thought leaders in the automotive industry presented new strategies about how to stay competitive without losing profits: Rethink the Consumer Experience: Basing Your Sales Strategy on Quality and Value Versus Lowest Price.

They chose this topic because the automotive world, as we know it, is dynamic. It’s changing. And it should come as no surprise that shopping behavior evolves with new technology. As retailers, we face new challenges as a result. One of the most prominent difficulties we’ve seen dealers try to manage is the loss of gross profits due to discounting (online and on the lot). So Brad and Jason gave some perspective about how to adapt to this sales climate.

Interesting, right? If you happened to miss it, we encourage you to be on the lookout for futre MAXDigital presentations, including at Digital Dealer 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


We always talk about updating. You update your sales process. Website. SEO practices. Content. It’s common practice to think of new ways to do things, which is why we want to commend the Digital Dealer organizers for iterating on the conference itself. And that’s brings us to what we thought was awesome at this year’s digital event.

Tech Tank.

This platform was an opportunity for selected companies to spend six minutes presenting and answering questions for a new product. For MAXDigital, Jason Price got on the stage, answered the Dealership Panel’s questions (much like the investors’ inquisition), and, in the end, earned an incredible 16 votes.

Not only do conference attendees get to see new products, we get to learn about what other companies are doing to help dealers. It was great to see so many authorities in our industry pitch these innovative and progressive solutions.

Looking Ahead to Digital Dealer 21 in Las Vegas

Now, we are looking ahead to Digital Dealer 21, which will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you haven’t attended this conference in a while, or even just missed the latest in Orlando, we strongly encourage you to come along this August. There’s no telling what MAXDigital will bring to the table … and the only way to know is to be there.

If you would like more information about the MAXDigital products, we invite you to peruse our website to see the ways our solutions can help you connect with consumers—and the statistics to prove it.

How Conferences Can Refine Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Conferences Can Refine Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Novice. Intermediary. Expert. No matter your level of experience with digital marketing, attending professional conferences—such as Digital Dealer—can help refine your online strategies. This helps optimize your online visibility, lending your dealership greater authority to lead in your market. Education at these events comes both formally and informally through attending seminars as well as mingling with other industry leaders.

With Digital Dealer 20 in Orlando, Florida, just mere days away, it serves as an excellent example for the benefits gained from participating at a professional conference and exposition such as this. Thousands of people will converge in the Sunshine State to learn from dozens of sessions and workshops presented by thought leaders within this industry.

This means General Managers, Social Media Managers, Internet Managers, and brand specialists can glean some sort of knowledge that can be transformed into actionable strategies for your business. Topics often include:

  • Data and Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Social Media


Google Analytics.

Do you use it? Or have you set up spam filters? Do you know how to generate reports that illustrate origins of traffic, bounce rate, conversions, and more?

Sessions can teach you how best to utilize this tool (installed on more than 10 million websites) and integrate it with other resources you can use that will afford you accurate, comprehensive insight for guiding digital efforts—because you actually get to see what’s working and what’s not.


Digital Marketing.

Do you have a content strategy? A blog? Are there tools you use to reach new customers?

You can also get insight about strategizing your content. Learn what it takes to set up a blog, discover the potential of WordPress, learn about resources that automatically generate specific content—and it’s always evolving. Changing.



Is your site dynamic? Do your tools and apps transfer for mobile usage? Are your tools helpful for mobile shoppers? Do your brand specialists text customers?

More than 85% of all millennial parents use mobile to help them shop. And that percentage is not likely to decrease. You can explore new trends for reaching customers through mobile devices, as well as new software that delivers information in a dynamic capacity to be user-friendly for both desktop and mobile users.



Is your site properly SEO’d? Does your website content have the proper keywords and synonymous terms in the correct places? How about your blog? Are your meta titles and descriptions optimized?

A place like Digital Dealer offers plenty of sessions with thought leaders who can guide you to appropriate and complete implementation of search engine optimization strategy. Learn more SEO tips. And start on the path to win in your market.


Social Media.

Are you leveraging your social media accounts correctly? Are you having genuine discussions with customers and potential customers? Have you built your authority?

Acquire knowledge about how to appropriately use every social media platform. Facebook has a different approach than Twitter, and both have a different approach than Instagram or SnapChat. But they all share one important commonality: content and brand distribution.

So How Do These Affect Automotive Dealerships?


Advancing technology has had the same profound effect for auto dealerships as any other business: the dynamics have changed.

  1. Customers are “showrooming” to see what deals they can find at other dealerships while in your brick-and-mortar building
  2. Being a salesperson no longer cuts it because customers want product experts, so you need to be equipped with tools that help your staff.
  3. On average, a consumer will visit three stores before making a purchase, which is commingled with continual online shopping. Retargeting ads, robust content, and other strategies can help keep them thinking of you.

Attending a conference like Digital Dealer will help better prepare you to stay ahead of the curve with these trends. You’ll learn about strategies, tools, trends, solutions, and changes that will make you more adept at making the right decisions at the right time.

Enjoy greater inventory turnover in shorter periods of time. Connect shoppers with both new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs.

And, most importantly, find a way to avoid the pitfall of reduced gross profit margins.