Congratulations Lexus of Pleasanton, our October Dealership of the Month!

Congratulations Lexus of Pleasanton, our October Dealership of the Month!

Every month, MAXDigital recognizes and celebrates a dealership that demonstrates exceptional performance through our “Dealership-of-the-Month” program. Through the team’s hard work and effort, MAXDigital is honoring Lexus of Pleasanton with our October Dealership-of-the-Month! Lexus of Pleasanton walks every customer through the Max Digital Showroom page before any payment options are presented. Due to their diligent use of Max Digital Showroom, Lexus of Pleasanton averages 75% less in discounts per vehicle. They also use MAX window stickers, giving customers the ability to shop and learn about inventory on the lot, even while the dealership is closed. Lexus of Pleasanton is part of the Hendrick Automotive group which has more than 100+ dealerships across the United Sates. They also pride themselves as being active members in the Pleasanton, CA community. We are excited about Lexus of Pleasanton’s successful use of the MAXDigital Platform to reduce vehicle discounts and can’t wait to see their continued growth. We look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.

Again, Congratulations to Lexus of Pleasanton from the entire MAXDigital Team!

How MAXDigital Tools Strengthen Your Automotive Merchandising Strategy

How MAXDigital Tools Strengthen Your Automotive Merchandising Strategy

The internet has profoundly changed the way that people shop for cars; shouldn’t it change the way we merchandise cars?

In the past, shoppers made their decision after visiting several dealerships. Modern technology has moved most of the customer decision-making process online. So how can you use the internet to attract customers to your dealership?

MAXDigital offers several tools that can help you build a bulletproof automotive merchandising strategy.

How MAXDigital’s Automotive Merchandising Platform Guides Customers into Your Vehicles

The decision to buy any product doesn’t happen all at once. It is a multi-step process, with opportunities to optimize your merchandising at every step. MAXDigital takes this into account and has developed a tool to help you fortify your merchandising plan.

Stage: Searching

MAXDigital Tool: MAX Ad

At the earliest stage of the process the customer merely knows they need a new car. Your dealership isn’t even on their radar at this point and MAX Ad helps bring it to shopper’s attention.

The typical auto shopper may spend as many as 16.75 hours researching cars on third-party websites like and Auto Trader. MAX Ad puts your vehicles in front of these consumers by distributing ads to over 200 third-party auto websites.

The ads are automatically generated based on your inventory. Each ad is filled with detailed information that answers all common customer questions.

Stage: Considering

MAXDigital Tool: MAX For Website

Once a consumer is brought to your website, your battle isn’t over. They’ll be looking at your VDPs, along with other dealership’s VDPs, to find the exact vehicle they want. In fact, a majority of customers have already narrowed their choice down to one or two cars before they stop in a dealership.

Is your VDP attractive and well organized? Does it show what sets the vehicle apart? If the answer to either question is no, shoppers are likely to move on to another dealership.

MAX for Website helps you optimize your VDP’s to draw in customers. MAX enhanced VDP’s offer detailed vehicle information in a simple and intuitive format. It also provides thorough price justification, letting customers know they’re getting the best deal on your vehicle.

Stage: Buying

MAXDigital Tool: MAX Digital Showroom

So your VDPs did the trick. The customer has decided they want your car and they come into your dealership to buy it. Your merchandising efforts have paid off and you’re in the clear. Right?

Not so fast. At this stage, the customer is going to try to get you to drop the price of your vehicle, and they’re going into the negotiation armed with hours of research. In many cases, the customer knows more about the car than your salesperson.

When salespeople are unable to defend the vehicle’s price, they drop it to make the sale.

The MAX Digital Showroom app arms your sales staff with easy mobile device access to detailed information on every car in your lot. This tool helps each salesperson demonstrate the value of each vehicle and justify the price point, helping them protect your profit margin.

Bring your automotive merchandising strategy into the 21st century. MAX Digital can help you attract customers at every stage of the decision-making process to help your dealership grow. Sign up for a demonstration to learn how MAX can help you.

Here’s What Happened at the 2017 Digital Dealer Conference

Here’s What Happened at the 2017 Digital Dealer Conference

Hundreds of representatives from the country’s biggest automotive dealers, dealership software companies, and automotive marketing experts met at the iconic Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Digital Dealer 23.

From September 18-20 these industry leaders shared ideas and strategies on how dealerships can thrive in the changing automotive sales landscape. MAX Digital came to join the conversation and demonstrate their unique automotive software solutions. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a look at what you missed from MAX Digital at the 23rd Digital Dealer conference.

Recap of Digital Dealer 23

Anyone involved in the auto industry can see how much it’s changed. Customers do hours of research online before even stepping into the dealership. In this information age, your dealership’s online presence is your most powerful merchandising tool. Digital Dealer provided dealerships the information they need to hone this tool.

Attendees had the opportunity to gain insight at over a hundred different educational sessions, panels, and addresses throughout the conference.

  • Attribution
  • Industry disruptors
  • Effective merchandising
  • Vendor-dealer relations

How to Turn Your Sales Team into Product Experts

MAX Digital’s Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation, Patrick McMullen, led one of these educational sessions. McMullen’s session addressed how dealerships could turn their sales staff into product experts.

The average auto shopper does 14 hours of online research before he or she stops by your dealership. These customers often come in knowing more about the car they’re looking to buy than your sales team. Not able to defend the pricing, these salespeople often need to drop the price to make the sale.

McMullen showed how dealerships can prepare their sales team to become experts on every car on the lot. By having the information to respond to every concern, your sales staff can build trust with customers and protect your profit margins.

Free Demos at the MAX Digital Booth

The educational session wasn’t the only opportunity attendees had to see MAX Digital. MAX had a booth set up where dealer representatives could learn more about the MAX Digital automotive merchandising platform.

MAX offered free demos, providing a first-hand look at our platform. MAX’s software helps enhance dealership’s VDP’s, creates and distributes quality ads, and arms your sales staff with the information they need to become product experts.

Even if you missed out on the conference, you don’t need to miss out on learning about MAX Digital. Schedule a demo and experience how our platform can help your dealership.

Don’t Miss Out the Next Time

MAX Digital is proud to have been a part of Digital Dealer 23. Make sure you don’t miss your next chance to see MAX in person. Follow our blog, Facebook, or Twitter to find out where we’re going next.

Make sure to save the date for Digital Dealer 24, which will be held April 10-12 in Orlando, Florida.