Congratulations Orlando INFINITI, our November Dealership of the Month!

Congratulations Orlando INFINITI, our November Dealership of the Month!

Every month, MAXDigital recognizes and celebrates a dealership that demonstrates exceptional performance through our “Dealership-of-the-Month” program. Through the team’s hard work and effort, MAXDigital is honoring Orlando INFINITI with our November Dealership-of-the-Month! Orlando INFINITI uses Max Digital Showroom through the entire sales process to build trust and confidence with their customers and has seen an increase of closed deals. Due to their diligent use of Max Digital Showroom, Orlando INFINITI has seen amazing gross retention on every sale and an increase of inventory turn. Orlando INFINITI is part of the AMSI which has more than 80+ dealerships across the Southeast United States. They also pride themselves as being active members in the Orlando community, partaking in multiple community organizations and giving back to the community. We are excited about Orlando INFINITI’s successful use of the MAXDigital Platform to reduce vehicle discounts and can’t wait to see their continued growth. We look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.

What Used Car Customers are Looking For Online

What Used Car Customers are Looking For Online

Increased access to the internet and the proliferation of smartphones have changed the way consumers navigate the used automotive market. Now buyers crave information and put hours of online research into their decisions. Attracting customers in the modern used car market requires providing consumers with the information they want via engaging content.

Here’s what modern shoppers expect from your online automotive merchandising strategy.

How to Reach Modern Shoppers with Your Online Automotive Merchandising Strategy

What Consumers Search For

Modern used car buyers start their shopping process with broad level searches. They’re typically looking for a select few makes and models with a specific year and mileage range in mind. Most importantly, they want the pages they find to include pricing information. Optimize your vehicle display pages for these searches, and include the information they want when they get there.

Good Value

Despite the importance of having pricing information on ads and VDPs, shoppers aren’t necessarily looking for the lowest price. Most dealerships already price their vehicles at or below market value, making it difficult to stand out for pricing alone. Chasing the lowest price is a losing battle as well because someone will always be able to undercut you for the same vehicle.

What most shoppers are looking for in a used car is a good value for the price. They’re willing to pay a little bit more for the better vehicle. This means your pricing information needs to justify what you’re charging. A major part of demonstrating value will be highlighting the vehicle’s unique features.

Unique Features

Modern shoppers are interested in what sets your used cars apart from similar vehicles. Your online automotive merchandising materials should highlight any special features or equipment packages the car offers. Does it come with optional accessories? How about modern infotainment tech? Maybe it includes a special off-roading package. Highlighting this information helps you defend the vehicle’s price and foster customer excitement.

Vehicle History Reports and Reviews

Nearly every used car buyer is going to check a vehicle’s history report and reviews. Don’t force potential customers to look them up themselves. Post links to the reports on your VDPs and feature a few reviews. This lets them know you have confidence in the quality of vehicles, helping you build trust before they even enter the dealership.


Another way to foster trust with customers is to be transparent. Include thorough information on the vehicle. Try to anticipate any questions they’re likely to ask and answer these questions in your ads or on your VDPs. These questions may include:

  • Is this car right for me?
  • Why should I buy from this dealership?
  • Why is this car better than the others I’ve seen?
  • Is this car a lemon?

MAXDigital’s innovative online automotive merchandising platform can help you optimize your strategy for the now buyer. Schedule a demo to learn how MAX can help you enhance your VDPs and attract customers with quality, detailed ads.

Attract More Customers with Quality Vehicle Display Pages

Attract More Customers with Quality Vehicle Display Pages

Today’s average auto buyer only comes into one or two dealerships before they decide on which vehicle they’re going to be driving home in. The hours of comparisons and shopping models, packages, and options hasn’t vanished. It has moved somewhere else. Modern consumers spend hours online researching various dealerships’ vehicle display pages.

If you want to bridge the gap between online shoppers and in-store customers, you need to make your cars stand out with compelling and informative vehicle display pages.

Bring Customers into Your Dealership with Improved Vehicle Display Pages

By the time the customer reaches your VDPs they usually have their search narrowed down to a handful of vehicles at an even smaller amount of dealerships. The quality of these VDPs and how well they display the car are major factors influencing their decision on which dealership to go with.

Here’s what the modern consumer is looking for when they shop vehicle display pages.

Thorough, Accurate Vehicle Information

Information-age consumers are used to every aspect of their online experiences being specific to them. This makes them impossible to reach with generic vehicle descriptions. They want more than a broad overview. They want details about what makes your car unique.

Make sure to highlight any interesting feature or tech packages the vehicle may have. Justify the price by showing what makes your car stand out from similar models. Try to predict what questions consumers will have, and use your VDPs to answer them.

Transparency and accuracy the key to building trust in today’s auto market. Make sure the information is thorough and correct.

Show Off Your Vehicle

Visuals are another important component of your VDPs. Great vehicle photos make a huge difference, but they won’t do much good if the page is poorly designed. The page should be easy to take in, simple to navigate, and visually attractive. The organization of the page is almost as important as the information on it.

Made for Mobile. And Desktop. And Tablet.

Online shopping isn’t just done on desktops anymore. In fact, 51% of consumers said they used a smartphone or tablet in their vehicle shopping process, and this amount is only increasing.

If your VDPs look great on desktop but miserable on mobile, you’re missing out on a significant share of the market. Make sure your VDPs are optimized for all screen sizes.

Let MAXDigital Enhance Your VDPs

MAXDigital’s innovative automotive merchandising platform includes MAX for Website, a tool designed to enhance the design and content of your vehicle display pages. MAX optimized pages give customers:

  • Key features and option packages
  • Vehicle history through CARFAX®
  • Market pricing, MSRP, and trade-in-value data
  • Unique branding for your dealership
  • Dealer Rater integration with ratings

Schedule a demo of our platform to learn how we can help you create compelling and informative VDPs.