What Used Car Customers are Looking For Online

What Used Car Customers are Looking For Online

Increased access to the internet and the proliferation of smartphones have changed the way consumers navigate the used automotive market. Now buyers crave information and put hours of online research into their decisions. Attracting customers in the modern used car market requires providing consumers with the information they want via engaging content.

Here’s what modern shoppers expect from your online automotive merchandising strategy.

How to Reach Modern Shoppers with Your Online Automotive Merchandising Strategy

What Consumers Search For

Modern used car buyers start their shopping process with broad level searches. They’re typically looking for a select few makes and models with a specific year and mileage range in mind. Most importantly, they want the pages they find to include pricing information. Optimize your vehicle display pages for these searches, and include the information they want when they get there.

Good Value

Despite the importance of having pricing information on ads and VDPs, shoppers aren’t necessarily looking for the lowest price. Most dealerships already price their vehicles at or below market value, making it difficult to stand out for pricing alone. Chasing the lowest price is a losing battle as well because someone will always be able to undercut you for the same vehicle.

What most shoppers are looking for in a used car is a good value for the price. They’re willing to pay a little bit more for the better vehicle. This means your pricing information needs to justify what you’re charging. A major part of demonstrating value will be highlighting the vehicle’s unique features.

Unique Features

Modern shoppers are interested in what sets your used cars apart from similar vehicles. Your online automotive merchandising materials should highlight any special features or equipment packages the car offers. Does it come with optional accessories? How about modern infotainment tech? Maybe it includes a special off-roading package. Highlighting this information helps you defend the vehicle’s price and foster customer excitement.

Vehicle History Reports and Reviews

Nearly every used car buyer is going to check a vehicle’s history report and reviews. Don’t force potential customers to look them up themselves. Post links to the reports on your VDPs and feature a few reviews. This lets them know you have confidence in the quality of vehicles, helping you build trust before they even enter the dealership.


Another way to foster trust with customers is to be transparent. Include thorough information on the vehicle. Try to anticipate any questions they’re likely to ask and answer these questions in your ads or on your VDPs. These questions may include:

  • Is this car right for me?
  • Why should I buy from this dealership?
  • Why is this car better than the others I’ve seen?
  • Is this car a lemon?

MAXDigital’s innovative online automotive merchandising platform can help you optimize your strategy for the now buyer. Schedule a demo to learn how MAX can help you enhance your VDPs and attract customers with quality, detailed ads.

How MAX Digital Showroom Turns Employees into Product Experts

How MAX Digital Showroom Turns Employees into Product Experts

The digital age is creating a new type of car-buyer: a consumer that is well-versed, widely knowledgeable, and armed with an entire internet of information about the car they are interested in — all before they even enter your dealership doors.

You still need to sell vehicles, and you need your sales team to be able to sell them without offering extreme discounts and price drops just to make a sale. How do you do that?

MAX Digital Showroom levels the playing field between sales representatives and customers by making dealer employees product experts from their first day on the job. Keep reading to learn how MAXDigital puts the power back in your sales method.

Make the Sale, and Make it Easier With MAX Digital Showroom

MAX Digital Showroom makes selling vehicles easier by creating understanding and allowing for transparency between dealer and consumer. Here are some ways MAX Digital Showroom empowers your sales team, while respecting your customers:

  • A Team of Product Experts: With tools like our MAXDigital window stickers, or MAX mobile app, your sales team will have instant access to each vehicle’s Value Report. That means instant access to Kelley Blue Book value, mileage, options and packages, and comparisons to prices for the rest of the market. That means confidence in your prices, and the ability to justify them for any customer that may come in with doubts or reservations. That means an honest, easy sale.
  • Who Can Think On Their Feet: A member of your sales team is walking the lot with your customer, headed towards the car they called about. In the moment, the customer decides they may be more interested in a different car on your lot. How does your sales employee make a sale on a vehicle they aren’t prepared to sell? MAX Digital Showroom has your solution — a quick scan of the window sticker puts vehicle highlights and history in the palm of your sales member’s hands.
  • And Answer Any Questions Asked of Them: MAXDigital helps dealers make sure prices are justified and sensible — but every customer who walks on your lot may not know that. If a customer asks you why your vehicle is priced higher than the same vehicle at a different dealership, you’ll be able to show them the option packages and accessories that make your car worth the extra cash.

Learn More About MAX Digital Showroom and Other Tools

Still not sure how MAX Digital Showroom might work for you? Set up a product demonstration with MAXDigital today to see how our tools work with your inventory. We’re looking forward to helping you confidently price and sell your new and used vehicles.

A MAXDigital Testimonial Highlight: BMW of Freehold, NJ

A MAXDigital Testimonial Highlight: BMW of Freehold, NJ

At MAXDigital, we have the highest confidence in our product and the real results we have helped dealerships achieve. We love to hear success stories from the people we work with, and we love the opportunity to share those stories with our readers.

With the help of MAXDigital, BMW of Freehold, New Jersey, is making serious progress. Dori Dado, general sales manager at BMW of Freehold, wasn’t sure what to expect from his relationship with MAXDigital — but now he knows he’s gotten even more than he hoped.

BMW Dealer Success With MAXDigital in Freehold, New Jersey

Dado was uncertain, or perhaps just unconvinced, about MAXDigital at first. After learning about MAX’s co-op partnership with BMW from a colleague, he changed his mind.

“I learned that MAX was the only company that was working with BMW corporately and had direct access to the BMW feed,” said Dado.

Once he made this discovery, BMW of Freehold signed on to use MAX’s Digital Showroom to pair each vehicle in it’s inventory with detailed descriptions on the website. Since Dado’s marketing goal is to direct as much traffic as possible to the dealership website, the uniformity and accuracy of MAX Digital Showroom has brought this dealership unanticipated success.

MAX led the BMW of Freehold sales staff in a “Stop the Drop” workshop in August. Since then, the staff has seen a cut of 63 percent in the average drop from initial selling price of used cars to final sales price.

MAX has also helped Dado achieve a second marketing goal — to increase the amount of time visitors spend on the dealership website. Since adopting MAX Digital Showroom, this time has increased by as much as 30 seconds a visit.

Dado said an additional benefit is how much more knowledgeable and confident the sales staff feels knowing they have MAX Digital Showroom on their side when facing a potential buyer who has clearly done their research.

Unbeatable Support When You Work With MAX Digital

As Dado mentions, MAX Digital gives each of our dealers the respect of our full attention when they need it most. Give us a call with any issues, so we can help you solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

To learn more or request a demonstration, explore our website and reach out to the MAXDigital team with questions.

5 Ways Automotive Marketing is Changing With New Technology in 2017

5 Ways Automotive Marketing is Changing With New Technology in 2017

It’s no secret that technology has changed the way people do everything, and car buying has been no exception. Consider the fact that around 88 percent of people use the internet at some stage of their car buying process.

As technology continues to evolve all the time, so does the way it impacts automotive marketing. Below are five ways technology is expected to change automotive marketing in 2017.

Automotive Marketing is Changing for the Better

#1. Customer connection  

One would think that the internet has created more distance between dealerships and their customers. But in fact, new technology is now bringing them closer than ever.

The latest web technology allows dealers to track customers’ online activity and then make the appropriate engagement. Dealerships now know what cars, price points and features a particular customer is looking at and can target that customer accordingly.

#2. Marketing efforts that are in sync

No longer must dealerships have marketing channels that are so segregated. Technology is helping to sync up direct mail, digital, and traditional marketing platforms under one single dashboard. This linear approach makes for better budgeting, reporting, and spending.

#3. Automated payments

Discounts, incentives, and dealer-defined pricing are more uniform and more aligned with one another thanks to improving technology. Dealerships are more in tune with manufacturers and customers alike, which can help reduce wasteful discounting that eats away at bottom lines.

#4. Leads, leads, leads

Automotive dealerships rely on leads, and technology is delivering more than ever before. Names, phone numbers, and email addresses are now captured with greater efficiency so you know who is looking for cars in your area.

#5. Mobility

Smartphones are getting smarter all the time, and so too are car dealerships. With the use of smartphones and tablets for car shopping on the rise, dealerships must ensure their websites are mobile friendly and adaptable to third-party apps.

MAXDigital: Keeping Automotive Dealers Up To Speed

MAXDigital helps automotive dealers keep up in today’s technology race. As more consumers turn to the internet for their car buying experience, MAXDigital provides digital merchandising, retailing, inventory management, and analytics to car dealerships everywhere. We help bridge the gap between the technology car shoppers use and car dealers need to generate improved acquisitions, pricing, marketing, and most of all — sales.

Schedule a free product demonstration to see how MAXDigital can provide the technology your dealership needs in today’s automotive market.

5 Ways A Self-Assessment Can Improve Your Sales Process

5 Ways A Self-Assessment Can Improve Your Sales Process

Consumer behavior is changing. Potential customers show up to your dealership armed with hours of online research, and they’re ready to battle it out over prices. To compensate, many dealers unnecessarily discount prices just to make a sale.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Take the MAXDigital self-assessment.

This 5-minute quiz can give you the insight you need into how you can do more to Stop the Drop.

Once your assessment is complete, contact us to learn more about our solutions. If you’d like to see first hand what MAXDigital can do, schedule a free product demonstration. We look forward to working with you and transforming your business.

How the Internet Changed Car Dealerships’ Gross Margin Profitability

How the Internet Changed Car Dealerships’ Gross Margin Profitability

There’s little doubt the Internet has helped boost business across a wide range of industries. From advertising and customer engagement to online retail, the Internet can be credited as the best employee at companies everywhere.

One exception, however, has been at car dealerships. While the digital age has improved profit margins in many industries, car dealerships are finding that the Internet has actually been working against them in more ways than one. In fact, 2014 marked the third consecutive year that net pretax profit at new-car dealerships remained unchanged at 2.2%.

How are car dealership profit margins becoming stale while so many other industries are seeing substantial booms? In short, the Internet provides more information to car shoppers. And armed with this wealth of knowledge, consumers are now beating car salesman at their own game. Let’s examine how car dealerships can better protect their gross margin profitability in a more Internet-centric market.

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MAXDefinition 101: What Is a Product Expert?

MAXDefinition 101: What Is a Product Expert?

The idea of a “product expert” gets worked into a lot of our blogs and company literature. We like to frame it as the end goal to many of our services. If you take full advantage of the software we offer, you and your sales team can all become product experts. That’s what we want you to get out of a partnership with MAXDigital.

What we don’t want is for this notion to become just another buzzword, so let’s take a moment to talk about what a product expert does and how to become a product expert.

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Top 5 Factors That Affect Your Dealer’s Online Visibility

Top 5 Factors That Affect Your Dealer’s Online Visibility

Most dealerships have a site that is heavily influenced by the manufacturer. They may change the “About us” page, but the rest of the site often remains generic. Today’s digital-savvy consumers demand more ways to connect to dealerships online than through just a plain website. Find out what dealerships can do to increase online visibility, which will help you attract the right customers, display the proper vehicle information, and build trust.

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