MAXDefinition 101: What Is a Product Expert?

August 26th, 2016 by
The idea of a “product expert” gets worked into a lot of our blogs and company literature. We like to frame it as the end goal to many of our services. If you take full advantage of the software we offer, you and your sales team can all become product experts. That’s what we want you to get out of a partnership with MAX Digital.
What we don’t want is for this notion to become just another buzzword, so let’s take a moment to talk about what a product expert does and how to become a product expert.

Product Expert Breakdown According to MAX Digital

Going piece by piece, we’ll start with product. A product is anything that has been made for you to sell. As a car dealer, this means every car on your lot, new and used, is a product waiting to be sold. Parts, equipment, and accessories sold by your service department also count, but those don’t really fall within the scope of our services.
An expert is someone who can speak or act with authority on a given subject. You could also call them a specialist, or someone who specializes in a given field.
Putting it all together, a product expert is someone who specializes in selling a manufactured good. They have access to a complete breadth of knowledge on their product and can answer any question a customer might pose.
The best example of product experts in practice might be Apple’s Genius Bar. If you’re having a problem with a Macbook or iPhone, you know you can schedule an appointment with a Genius at your local Apple Store, and they will get you sorted out. Best Buy’s Geek Squad might actually predate Apple for their brand of on-call tech expertise.
Closer to home, certain auto manufacturers are starting to put their own product experts into play on the sales side. BMW launched its own Genius initiative last year, and Lincoln is giving its Black Label customers their own liaison within the dealership.
These programs are a step in the right direction for customer service, but they’re also limited in practice. How many customers can you expect one or two designated employees to serve on a daily basis?
Wouldn’t it be better if all of your employees were product experts?

Become a Product Expert with the MAX Digital Showroom

To raise the effectiveness of your sales team, you need to empower each employee. The services you have access to with MAX Digital will help you do just that.
Our software can give your sales associates access to:
  • Detailed listings for every car on your lot, whether it’s an on or off brand vehicle.
  • Real-time market comparisons using the largest bank of historical and market data in the industry.
  • Original OEM package information, including a package’s original MSRP.
  • Complete vehicle history reports, along with service information and past ownership.
  • Price comparisons between similar models for sale at third party sources and your competition.
MAX Digital gives your team access to the same information that any customer in your showroom can look up on a mobile device. Pair that with the kind of data that only we can provide and the quality training you give your staff, and you’ll be working with true product experts. Preparing your team for that level of success will help you validate the value of every car in your inventory and build trust among your customer base. If you want to learn more about what MAX Digital can do to turn your sales team into product experts, or if you have questions about any of our solutions, schedule a demonstration now. We want to use our experience to help your dealership, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.