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With the help of MAXDigital, BMW of Freehold, New Jersey, is making serious progress. Dori Dado, general sales manager at BMW of Freehold, wasn’t sure what to expect from his relationship with MAXDigital — but now he knows he’s gotten even more than he hoped.

BMW Dealer Success With MAXDigital in Freehold, New Jersey

Dado was uncertain, or perhaps just unconvinced, about MAXDigital at first. After learning about MAX’s co-op partnership with BMW from a colleague, he changed his mind.

“I learned that MAX was the only company that was working with BMW corporately and had direct access to the BMW feed,” said Dado.

Once he made this discovery, BMW of Freehold signed on to use MAX’s Digital Showroom to pair each vehicle in its inventory with detailed descriptions on the website. Since Dado’s marketing goal is to direct as much traffic as possible to the dealership website, the uniformity and accuracy of MAX Digital Showroom has brought this dealership unanticipated success.

MAX led the BMW of Freehold sales staff in a “Stop the Drop” workshop in August. Since then, the staff has seen a cut of 63 percent in the average drop from initial selling price of used cars to final sales price.

MAX has also helped Dado achieve a second marketing goal — to increase the amount of time visitors spend on the dealership website. Since adopting MAX Digital Showroom, this time has increased by as much as 30 seconds a visit.

Dado said an additional benefit is how much more knowledgeable and confident the sales staff feels knowing they have MAX Digital Showroom on their side when facing a potential buyer who has clearly done their research.

Unbeatable Support When You Work With MAX Digital

As Dado mentions, MAX Digital gives each of our dealers the respect of our full attention when they need it most. Give us a call with any issues, so we can help you solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

To learn more or request a demonstration, explore our website and reach out to the MAXDigital team with questions.