Now, more than ever before, consumers expect your inventory to be accessible, up to date, and spotless. Merchandising vehicles is a critical component of your selling strategy. So, how do you make sure your car is the star of the show? Simple: Capture its true beauty through quality pictures. Images are very important for consumers, as they are by nature visual creatures. Having the best photo possible enhances the shopping experience. Are your pictures up to par? Or do they leave a lot to the customer’s imagination?

Think about it like this: When you shop for a product, do you ever buy it sight unseen? Probably not. Amazon has the customer journey down to a science. And at the core of it all is pictures. Your inventory is a beautiful thing. Don’t squander its potential by providing something that looks subpar. Instead, offer something that grabs the consumer’s attention. Force them to look at your listing by playing on their need for visual gratification. Many will agree that imagery is more important than the words that accompany it, so dust off that dash, shine up those rims, and wax that hood.

But there is more to taking a good picture than simply having a great subject. Invest time into having the right tools. An iPhone camera is usually good enough in terms of capturing quality content. But if you want to be the best, you need to have the best. There is a stark difference in the overall capabilities of something that can fit in your pocket versus having an actual digital camera. Colors stick out more and details are retained better when viewed on something larger than a cell phone screen. Consider having a DSLR handy at your dealership for getting next-level photographs to merchandise your vehicle inventory.

On top of that, lighting makes a difference. Be thoughtful as to what time of the day you capture images. There is a contrast between morning and night. You want more than a snapshot. So, use lighting to illuminate the vehicle in the best light possible. The fluorescent bulbs in your service garage simply won’t do. It’s up to you to think beyond the box. Taking photos outside is a great idea. Put your best foot forward and take advantage of natural light to illuminate your inventory. When in doubt, rely on backlighting.

Next, take some time to learn the proper technique. You don’t have to capture a masterpiece, but you don’t want consumers navigating through low-quality pictures. Everything from angle to depth of field matters. Think of the way you want to capture a car’s image and photograph it accordingly. Get into the nitty-gritty and take pictures holistically to demonstrate the true power of what you are selling. And, at all times, fill the frame.

To be successful in photographing vehicles for automotive merchandising, think about all the aspects that a consumer will be interested in. Taking quality photos is about more than just catching the exterior in the right light. The interior is another beast altogether. You see, customers are going to want to gain insight into your inventory inside and out. This includes capturing the quirks and individuality of what makes the car special. Give consumers a ringside seat into seeing every aspect of the vehicle. Show the interior, show the exterior, show under the hood. Don’t skimp on the details here.

Finally, put a focus on the location where you take the picture. The setting is about more than just a cool background. Dial in on having a beautiful backdrop for your vehicle. Work to eliminate distractions and build a visual narrative that sheds the best light possible on your inventory. You don’t have to have a mountain in the background, but try to eliminate random messes, useless buildings, and confusing additional vehicles. The goal is to provide a unique perspective that highlights the car and not the surroundings.

Merchandising is important. And as consumers skew more digital, the way that you capture images of your inventory is more important than ever before. Take a step into the next generation by dedicating your efforts to taking quality photos that make the car the star. To do this, emphasize the different aspects that truly illuminate what consumers want to see. Then, provide tangible touchpoints for the shopper to engage with the vehicle, view the details, and request more information.

Merchandising doesn’t have to be complicated. Take account of all your inventory and jump on capturing their beauty as quickly as possible. MAX Digital is poised to help you understand the ins and outs of what you have while offering a roadmap to merchandise it and sell it as quickly as possible. You’ll hold more gross on every transaction while casting a wider net through more advanced marketing techniques. To learn more about how MAX Digital can assist your dealership in generating higher-quality content, schedule your free consultation today.