Millennials are, without a doubt, the most important car-buying group for auto dealers today. Not only are millennials the largest generation in today’s workforce, they have the highest purchase intent across any generational group. Thirty four percent of millennials intend to purchase a vehicle in the next 12 months.1 This trend will only continue as more millennials grow their careers and families. J.D. Power anticipates that millennials will be responsible for 40 percent of overall new car sales by 2020

Like older generations, a majority of those car buyers are female. Women make up 65 percent of new vehicle sales and inform 80 percent of vehicle decisions. Understanding how to attract and appeal to millennial women car buyers can set your dealership up to succeed for decades to come.

So, what do millennial women want when buying a car?

1. An Easy and Stress-Free Experience.

Nearly 8 in 10 women ages 18-35 believe car buying is stressful, compared to two thirds of consumers overall.1 This may come as no surprise as the automotive industry has been traditionally male dominated. Women are more likely to consult outside help from a friend, family member, or mechanic when purchasing a vehicle. According to, less than 30 percent of millennial women reported going to a dealership alone.

“Our data shows in a very real way the level of cautiousness, stress, and apprehension millennial women have – compared against the larger buying group,”.

said Anne Fleming, CEO of

Millennial women also reported the car-buying process took four hours in-store.2 A less time-consuming process would certainly ease tension.

2. A Fair Deal.

Millennial women buyers are even more motivated by price and value than all women.2 Salespeople must proactively build value in every single car by highlighting key features (tech package, safety features, etc.). And back up the price by showing pricing proof points (evidence) such as Kelley Blue Book value and comparisons to prices for the rest of the market.

3. Trust and Transparency.

“Trustworthiness” was ranked as the #1 quality millennial women want in a car salesperson.2 Millennial women are more than comfortable using technology to arm themselves with the information they need to make car-buying decisions. They have a wealth of information at their fingertips and are ready to access that information while in your dealership.

When visiting the dealership, a millennial woman will want to speak to a salesperson who’s transparent and equally well-informed. Salespeople should listen carefully and provide honest answers. Be a product expert who sells on quality and value, and back it up with evidence.

Millennial women have done their homework. These are the top websites influencing their decisions:

Kelley Blue Book54.55%
Consumer Reports14.05%
These percentages add up to more than 100% because respondents can submit multiple answers.

4. Online Reviews.

Millennial women report using car dealer reviews 40 percent more than women overall.2 Car dealer reviews are a great way to get a potential buyer into the store. Ensure your reviews are easily visible on your website and not hidden under ‘About Us.’ Motivate shoppers to share their positive experiences online; always look for ways to surprise and delight consumers (e.g. free car wash).

To attract more millennial women car buyers, dealers must modernize their process to make it less stressful and more customer-friendly. Decrease the time it takes to complete a purchase and be as transparent as possible. Capturing this generation of buyers early in their car buying experience can mean long-lasting relationships that drive profits for your dealership for years to come.

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