Why You Need Mobile Marketing for More than Snake People

February 23rd, 2016 by
Millennials. You know the type. They’re the young adults—ages 18 to 34—walking around with their faces perpetually buried in their smartphones.
That’s the stereotype anyway, and while it’s not as hard as you would think to get them to look up and have a conversation with you, it’s important not to underestimate how important those mobile devices are to the way they conduct their day-to-day business. Smartphones have become that “can’t live without it” gadget that millennials use to communicate, organize their days, decide where to eat, and, yes, shop for cars.
We’re going to let you in on a secret: It’s not just millennials who are reliant on smartphones to help them find a new car. Studies of recent mobile marketing trends show a majority of people now use their mobile device during the car-buying process.

51% of New Car Buyers Used a Mobile Device to Find Their Vehicle

In general, millennials have mastered the art of using their smartphone for nearly any conceivable task, and a recent study by Edmunds.com confirms that extends to shopping for a car. The survey found that 80% of millennials used a mobile device to complete at least one car shopping task. That includes reading reviews of cars, finding cars for sale, and researching car prices.
That’s a staggering number, and if you own or operate a car dealership it tells you a lot about how you’ll have to adapt your mobile marketing strategies in the future. But the longer you wait, the more sales you’re losing right now.
A study by J.D. Power from late last year found that 51% of ALL new car shoppers online used a tablet or smartphone to research the car they want. This marks the first time mobile devices have overtaken personal computers as the preferred medium for online car shopping.
The study also found that:
  • Use of tablets to shop for a car has increased 83% since 2012
  • Use of smartphones has increased 70% in the same time period
  • 34% of new vehicle shoppers use a smartphone for research
  • 30% use a tablet
Another critical takeaway is 48% of customers use their smartphones to look up automotive information while they’re at the dealership (13% use tablets). That means that half of the people standing in your showroom are using their phone to look up pricing, deals and specials, car reviews, and inventory listings.
So what does that mean for you?

Make Sure Your Mobile Marketing Platform Empowers Your Customers

The tools you give that customer can make or break their experience at your dealership. You need a website that scales well, loads quickly on a mobile device, and is easy to navigate from a smartphone or a tablet. And it must have the right tools on it to make their experience at your dealership exceptional.
So, when a person standing in your showroom is consulting a third-party site instead, you need a mobile marketing and sales solution that is still going to put your cars on their touchscreen based on what they’re searching for.
If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the results of last year’s Mobile Path-to-Purchase study. It found that 54% of consumers who used a mobile device during their car-shopping process made a purchase. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 40% said that their smartphone was the most important tool for making purchasing decisions.
Smartphones are taking over the country. Nearly 68% of all Americans own one (with a huge majority of those being an Android or iOS device). These statistics account for far more than just millennials, even if they are the most visible users.
In today’s car buying market, the information you give your customers on the go is more important than ever. You need software that can convert your showroom into a digital experience, and not all mobile marketing services are able to provide that kind of platform. Make sure you take that into account as you move forward in the digital age.
So, are you leveraging your solutions to connect with those mobile shoppers? And what are your thoughts about this trend?