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Cars are independence and freedom, allowing us to go on a cross-country adventure, visit friends and family, work, explore, and simply take care of our daily needs. From encounters with the authorities to junkyard beauties, our early car experiences are funny, formative and become a part of who we are.

We invite you to take a listen to some of our very own car stories.

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The Car Stories Series with MAX Digital

Dennis Dwyer is the Vice President of Operations and Customer Success at MAX Digital

Denis Dwyer,
“Double Jeopardy”

Dennis Dwyer shares what became of his first car, a 1985 Chevy Celebrity. He fondly recalls the car’s red leather interior and stalling habits. It quickly met its demise when Dennis accidentally hit a police car. His upgrade to a 1986 Buick Regal, also soon met its demise pretty spectacularly. 

Donna Young is a Success Manager at MAX Digital

Donna Young,
“Junkyard Beauty”

Donna Young was excited when her older sister passed her 1999 silver Malibu. The catch? The car had been more than banged up to the point where her car door would fly open. Her dad’s friend was able to find the perfect fix at a junkyard that made quite an impression.

Matt Gibson is a Success Manager at MAX Digital

Matt Gibson,
“I Break for Lakes”

There’s nothing like having a lake in your backyard, but the back of your SUV is another thing… At 16, Matt Gibson was eager to lend a hand, or a plow, in the winter months which led him to eight great months with a holey 1990 Suburban.

Mike Cavanaugh is the Executive Vice President at MAX Digital.

Mike Cavanaugh,
“Born to Sell”

Mike gives credit to his interest in the auto industry thanks to his first car, a 1976 Chevy Malibu. The light blue car with a blue interior was purchased for a cool $3,500 with just 3,500 miles on it. After driving it for the summer he got hooked on the industry when he sold it for much more.

Bill Rogalla is the Associate Director of Product Management at MAX Digital.

Bill Rogalla,
“But of Course”

Bill Rogalla’s Car Story recounts the first car he ever drove. His ‘92 beige Toyota Corolla was a Base Model, and when he says base model, he means BASE model. Let’s just say, the old rusty car wasn’t equipped with any amenities, so he supplied one of his own. 

Kim Evenson serves as SVP of Marketing for MAX Digital.

Kim Evenson,
“Car Trouble?”

Kim laughs as she recalls learning to drive a manual transmission Dodge Colt. Despite her best efforts to shift smoothly, a kind stranger saw someone in need of help due to the lurching of the car. What he thought was car trouble, was just a brand new driver behind the wheel.

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