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MAX Digital is an independent software company that has offered an alternative to vAuto since we began. In fact, the two most popular words written into our demo request form are “vAuto” and “alternative.” Most frequently, it’s “looking for an alternative to vAuto,” but there are lots of variations on that theme, some mention getting away from the massive corporate enterprise or saving money explicitly. Some are mad at the apologies and lost profits over the years. We just want you to know you have options.

Quick Facts about our Award-Winning Inventory Management Software

In the most recent ADT Dealers’ Choice Awards, MAX Digital was named a top Inventory Management Platform. FirstLook is the most cost effective inventory management tool that could help you save on the core capabilities you need:

  • Market-based pricing and appraisal functionality
  • Detailed package and equipment information for superior accuracy, with OEM window stickers included at no additional charge
  • Sales history integrated and leveraged with advanced stocking tools
  • New car pricing tool for easy campaign updates
  • Engaging ad descriptions automatically-generated
  • Ad distribution to over 200+ top sites
  • Robust desktop and mobile solutions
  • Reporting and performance management to improve profitability

Our philosophy is and has always been to attain the balance between gross and turn to drive the best financial results over time. We’ll match any deal so you can see how the FirstLook platform integrates deeply and directly to support your business.

Our authorized cooperative integrations and write-back capabilities keep all of your vehicle information consistent system wide, earning us the honor of serving the retail data needs of some of the largest automotive retail groups, including Lithia, Hendrick, Penske, Luther and more.

It’s good to have options.

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MAX makes an average used car manager great and a great used car manager like Superman.

Bob Terrill

Corporate Used Car Director
Kahilg Auto Group