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As the car-buying process moves online, it’s more important than ever to understand the data connected to your dealership and your inventory. Parsing that data calls for powerful analytics software that you can only get from MAXDigital.

MAXDigital’s analytics tools are configured to give you and your leadership team an accurate and up-to-date picture of your customer-base as it relates to your inventory. We have two software solutions to help you leverage real-time data.

The analytics dashboard included in MAX Ad lets you monitor your online marketing efforts, page by page. See which listings are getting the most traction with your customers and learn what details you can change for more attention. You can also see how your merchandising efforts are performing across third-party websites.

MAX Digital Showroom Analytics lets you monitor gross profits across the board. Discover which models are underperforming and how you should invest into more of your inventory space.

MAXDigital analytics software helps you set and achieve your goals.

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Most importantly, find out if your bottom line is suffering from needless discounting on the lot and


Get to Know Your Customer with Analytics from MAXDigital

Using our platform, you get detailed reports that give valuable insight into the behavior of customers browsing your website. You can use this data to set goals for your dealership. Tracking analytics also lets you observe trends and patterns. You can get a clear idea of how people in your market shop and which cars they’re shopping for. These insights are available on the store level and, if you’re managing a chain of dealers, on the group level as well.

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