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Built on the FirstLook platform, this collaborative automotive trade-in tool delivers a preferred experience. Raise closing rates, maximize earnings, and increase customer satisfaction with MAX My Trade. Get your demo.


MAX Digital clients saw an average of 47% increase in front-end gross post launch.

Put Your Customer In The Driver’s Seat

The walkaround app helps your customer understand and feel fully included in the used car appraisal process. Together you evaluate the aspects of the car that drive used car value.

  • Choose a mutually agreed upon rating on a 10-point scale for each category.
  • Customer involvement drives up comfort and closing rates.

Naturally Drive Lower Car Valuations

The customer’s feedback drives a market-based appraisal that uses the vehicle rating score to discount the vehicle’s value appropriately from top book values to provide a fair market price.

  • With the transparent approach, most customers rate their vehicles realistically, at an 8 or below, creating a positive environment for under allowance.

Deliver A Transparent Market Based Used Car Appraisal

The guided experience makes it easy for your sales team to deliver a positive transparent market-based appraisal.

  • Every appraisal has the support of detailed market comparisons.
  • Third-party validation from Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and NADA values further reassure that the appraisal is delivering a fair market price.

See Results

The final offer is still approved by your sales manager so the team retains full control of the final offer. Appraisal Performance Reporting, makes it easy to see the impact of the program at a glance.

  • Improve experience and total profits by monitoring and growing usage across the staff.

See How It Works

Trade-ins made simple

MAX My Trade is a collaborative automotive retail software tool. It’s designed to help customers fully understand the used car appraisal process and feel included in reaching a fair trade-in value.

The process happens in 3 simple steps.

Collect Vehicle Info

Rate Vehicle With Customer

Deliver Appraisal

Build Trust

Collaboration creates a higher comfort level

Save Time

The process can happen in as little as 6-8 minutes

Drive Higher Closing Rates

Customer involvement drives higher closing rates

MAX My Trade | Trade-In Valuation Tool

See MAX My Trade in action.

The friendly trade-in process improves close rates and since they were able to give their input throughout the evaluation process. MAX My Trade is only available to MAX inventory management clients as the appraisal is delivered from the FirstLook engine.

One of the immediate benefits is the involvement of the customer in the appraisal process. That involvement is translating into a 5% higher closing rate.


Used Car Manager – Vancouver Toyota

Seeing is Believing

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