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Automotive Digital Retailing

The landscape of automotive digital retailing has changed, and if you need help adapting to it, MAX Digital can assist. We’ve spent years in this space building the tools you need to reach the modern car buyer.
MAX Digital Automotive Digital Retailing

Who is the modern car buyer?

MAX Digital Automotive Digital Retailing
Millenials have the highest purchase intent of any generational group.

34% intend to purchase a car within the next 12 months*

The catch? They expect a seamless, omnichannel car-buying experience

*Mintel Car Purchasing Process 2018

Make more on every car.

Tools for Success From MAX Digital

Our software solutions are designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. We help you empower your sales team and involve your customers in the process. The end result is more confident salespeople and happier customers.

Each of our digital retail tools targets a specific part of the car-buying journey and makes it better.
MAX Digital Automotive Digital Retailing

MAX Digital Showroom

Get instant access to in-depth vehicle information to put your showroom at the fingertips of your sales team and their customers.

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MAX My Trade

Use our intuitive auto valuation tool to arrive at a more accurate appraisal number that will help you price and sell your trade-ins for increased profits.

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MAX Digital Automotive Digital Retailing

The MAX suite of digital retailing tools includes:

See Plans and Pricing and all our solutions for an overview of our full product suite.

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