Give your BDC team everything they need to deliver one-call satisfaction and increase conversion. Share unique selling points for each vehicle, set appointments, provide trade-in estimates and bring shoppers in store.


Your customer has questions. Your BDC team tries to pull together the information they need from websites or other dealership personnel. The sales team isn’t getting the hand off they need and the customer isn’t pleased.

  • Your customers want answers, and they don’t want to start over as they change contacts across your team.

  • Your BDC has to work too hard to track down answers. When they find the answers, they may have lost the customer.

  • Your sales team is frustrated. They feel like the BDC is standing in the way of getting on the same page with the customer.

Let’s change that.

Fast, Intuitive Search

BDC staff can type conversational text for exactly what the customer is interested in and the lightning-fast search will return the results across the full vehicle inventory.

  • Easy, no-fuss search queries
  • Google-style intuitive text entry
  • Focused standalone app built for speed

Answer Every Question

Built on the MAX data platform, your BDC team is fully equipped to get the customer the answers they need to want to test drive, including:

  • High value options
  • OEM package details
  • Integrated trade-in estimates
  • Market value comparisons & price validation
  • Vehicle history reports
  • Certification information, and more

Lead Integration

Scheduling appointments is easy with a seamless integration that ensures your BDC staff is getting the right information to the right systems.

  • Integration with all major CRM systems
  • Easily book appointments and manage leads

Set Up In-Store Success

All the details, images and customer preferences indicated are captured within a shared online space built just for that customer. This personalized Customer Favorites area displays all the unique features of the vehicle, as well as the benefits of your dealership.

  • Share personalized link via email or text or scan
  • Highly tested, consumer preferred design
  • Any team member can pick up the experience without missing a beat

The Automotive BDC Tool Every GM Needs

More Features We Think You’ll Love

  • Highly tested and preferred

MAX has tested the customer vehicle search and detail pages with over a thousand people over the last six months and designed a preferred experience.

  • Great training tool

Your BDC staff have a huge advantage when they are using MAX BDC. Suddenly all of the information available about a vehicle online is at their fingertips.

  • Grow your brand and revenue

The MAX BDC interface provides your brand promise and protection plan options prominently featured within the personalized Customer Favorites space they love.


MAX BDC is the three-way collaborative tool for your BDC, customer and sales team. The intuitive platform makes it fast and easy to provide everything the customer needs at that critical first point of contact and sets up a great in store experience. 

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