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Our software solutions help you get out in front of the latest omnichannel trends in automotive retailing, and MAX Digital Showroom has the potential to revolutionize the way you approach sales.

MAX Digital Showroom Software

Empower Your Team With
MAX Digital Showroom

MAX Digital Showroom puts your sales team in a position to succeed by providing them with the vehicle information they need to become instant experts on any car, truck, or SUV.

This software also optimizes inventory views for in-store use by your sales team and prospective buyers. On your website, inventory views feature enhanced vehicle description pages designed to best showcase your vehicles online. All views are easy to share and are created to drive leads into your CRM, helping your customers along the Path to Purchase.
MAX Digital Showroom Software
MAX Digital Showroom Software
Use the MAX Digital Showroom app to scan the QR code on the inventory listing and send a customer the information about the vehicle they’re interested in, including images and full vehicle profiles.
Whether you’re on the showroom floor or out on a test drive, the flow of information follows your customer interactions wherever they go. MAX Digital Showroom is compatible across all devices for both Apple and Android and across all other MAX Digital applications such as MAX My Trade, MAX Pricing and Appraisal, and more.
MAX Digital Showroom Software

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Max Digital Showroom is the upgrade your strategy needs to modernize your sales process and bridge the gap in customer trust.

“As a salesperson you can feel comfortable about what you’re telling the customer, and that’s important.”

Chris Hensley, Internet Director at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Having the ability to instantly retrieve and send vehicle information empowers your team in a variety of ways:

Start and continue rich conversations between customers and members of your sales team.

MAX Digital Showroom Software
Give your sales team a boost of credibility that initiates trust among potential buyers.

Guide the customer through the sales process providing an exceptional level of detail on the vehicle, from detailed market value comparisons to premium packages, high value options, full equipment details, and more.

MAX Digital Showroom Software

Allow customers access to full transparency for pricing and discounts.

MAX Digital Showroom Software
Equip your sales team with the information they need to answer questions on the fly and quickly move new team members into a position to sell.

Make more on every car.

MAX Digital Showroom Software
By delivering more desirable content, you’ll increase a customer’s time spent on your website and interest them more in your cars. The MAX Value Report can be supplied to interested shoppers while contact data is captured in your CRM.
Last but never least, your sales prices will be validated via the most trusted third-party comparisons like Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, and NADA while providing original MSRPs for OEM packages, vehicle history reports, and more.
MAX Digital Showroom Software

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One Click Wins in MAX Digital Showroom

Click on the CARFAX icon to launch full CARFAX report.

Click on the vehicle photo to launch full photo gallery.

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