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MAX My Trade creates a guided experience that improves the trade-in process for your team and customers. Raise closing rates, maximize earnings, and increase customer satisfaction. MAX Digital clients saw an average of 47% increase in front-end gross post launch. Ready to learn more?

MAX My Trade
MAX’s Best In Class Automotive Appraisal Software

How it Works

MAX Digital MAX My Trade

MAX My Trade is a collaborative automotive retail software tool. It’s designed to help customers fully understand the appraisal process and feel included in reaching a fair trade-in value. With the walkaround app, the customer and your salesperson will choose a mutually agreed upon rating on a 10-point scale for different aspects of the car, such as interior quality, that drive used car value.

“One of the immediate benefits is the involvement of the customer in the appraisal process. That involvement is translating into a 5% higher closing rate.”

Lee Porter, Used Car Manager at Vancouver Toyota

Once the walkaround evaluation is complete, a market-based appraisal report will combine your customer’s vehicle condition rating score with top book values of third-party validation sites like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and NADA to discount the cars value appropriately from top book values and provide a fair market price.

MAX Digital MAX My Trade
MAX Digital MAX My Trade

The final price is still approved by your sales manager, so the dealership retains control. With naturally lower valuations driven by the customer’s rating of their own vehicle’s condition, your management team may want to adjust the final offer if the customer has been overly critical. This will improve close rates and delight the customer since they were able to give their input throughout the evaluation process.

MAX My Trade also includes Appraisal Performance Reporting, a management tool that helps you grow sales team utilization and profits. This tool provides you with a comparison of appraisals submitted both with and without MAX My Trade to see profitability gained at a glance.

MAX Digital MAX My Trade

Make more on every car.


What it Accomplishes

The automotive digital retailing made possible by MAX My Trade does more than make your trade-in process easier and more accurate. You’ll widen your profit margin by having more ability to under-allow on your trades. Customer satisfaction will be boosted as consumers better understand the true value of their trade-in and a higher level of trust is initiated.

Customize for YOU.

Call your MAX representative to customize your MAX My Trade experience. You can update or change the introductory questions to meet your dealership needs.


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