Use MAX Digital Showroom to Sell to the Modern Consumer

Today’s car buyer has conducted hours of research before stepping foot in your dealership — give your sales team the information they need (at their fingertips) to connect with consumers in your showroom.



These days, your average auto consumer comes into the dealership armed with hours of research. Often, they know more about the vehicle they want than the salesperson. Unable to defend pricing or quickly verify information, the salesperson often drops the price to make the sale.

MAX Digital Showroom stops this drop by giving your sales team easy access to info they need in order to hold their own in negotiations.

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Device Compatibility

MAX pages are accessible with various smart devices, including:
  Apple and Android mobile devices
  Desktop computers

Pricing Justification

MAX Digital Showroom includes detailed pricing information with market comparisons and package values, letting customers know they’re getting a good deal.

Build Trust with Customers

Customers crave information. By making it accessible and demonstrating expertise, your salespeople can gain the trust of customers.

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MAX Digital Showroom Makes Product Expertise Easy

MAX Digital Showroom turns your salespeople into product experts by putting vehicle information at their fingertips. Through a smart device, they’ll have access to details about every vehicle on your lot. All they need to do is look up the vehicle or scan a barcode to pull up pricing information, vehicle history, and feature and package details.

This information will help them easily field customer questions, back up the price, and get customers excited about the vehicles in your inventory.