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Make Product Knowledge Easy for Your Team

The MAX Digital Showroom provides detailed information about every vehicle in your online inventory, making it easy for anyone to be a product expert. Enjoy direct access to specific details about any car with our simple app, compatible across all devices — including Apple and Android mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers.

Auto Valuation Tool — At Your Fingertips

Your sales team will have all the information they need at the touch of a button, from inventory pricing to vehicle history. Our tool helps salespeople speak with confidence about the value of each car on your lot, building trust and avoiding unnecessary discounts in attempt to make a sale.

The Price is Always Right with MAX Digital Showroom

MAX Digital takes things a step further than just educating your sales team. With our dealer inventory software, customers can access all the details of your inventory with a simple scan via their mobile device. No more justifying vehicle prices to uncertain customers — they can do that all on their own.
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