Everything you need to know about a vehicle in seconds

The wicked-fast search by packages and options is just the beginning for MAX BDC.

“The customer wants to know ‘Does that vehicle have heated rear seats?’ Instead of having to call them back, we can set that appointment now. MAX BDC makes it easier for us and our customers. That’s a big deal.”
Tim Porter, Customer Care Director, Zimbrick Automotive

Check Out MAX BDC Quick Facts.

Quick Facts about MAX BDC

Give your BDC team everything they need to deliver one-call satisfaction and increase conversion.

Fast Intuitive Search
BDC staff can type conversational text for exactly what the customer is interested in and the lightning-fast search will return the results across the full vehicle inventory.

  • Easy, no-fuss search queries
  • Google-style intuitive text entry
  • Focused standalone app built for speed

Answer Every Question
Built on the MAX data platform, your BDC team is fully equipped to get the customer the answers they need to want to test drive, including:

  • High value options
  • OEM package details
  • Integrated trade-in estimates
  • Market value comparisons & price validation
  • Vehicle history reports
  • Certification information, and more

One Shared Interactive Experience
Vehicle details, images and customer preferences are captured and shared in the customer’s personal garage.

  • Any customer changes are visible to the full team
  • Sharing is easy via link, text or scan
  • Trade-in, monthly payment, and appointment details are all available

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