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February 2023




Congratulations to Kia Country of Charleston, MAX Digital’s February Dealership of the Month

Congrats to Kia Country of Charleston, our February Dealership of the Month. Their love for community, automotive, and teamwork has elevated them to be a top-tier dealership. Learn more about Kia Country of Charleston and how they use MAX Digital for success.

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How to Pick an Inventory Management System for your Dealership in 2023

There are many factors to consider when picking an inventory management system for your dealership. Selecting a successful solution starts by evaluating how the system will help you own your used car market. Find out how to choose the best IMs for your lot.

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Webinar Recap: Break Away From The Pack Webinar Series

ACV recently hosted a webinar to show dealers what’s new, trending, and upcoming from our platform. Watch the full video to learn more about what we fixed, improved, and enhanced, as well as discover what’s on the agenda next, when you can expect the new mobile app, and how to set up notifications to customize to your exact needs.

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NADA 2023 Wrap-Up: Making A Splash in Dallas

NADA 2023 came and went, but the impact of this year’s show will be felt throughout the entire year. What did we learn in Dallas? Join us as we dive into all the key takeaways from NADA 2023!

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Innovating Beyond the Obvious: How to Stand Out in the Used Car Market

Innovation is the first step to standing out. Take the time now to invest in solutions designed to help you heighten the customer experience, price to match the market, and acquire the correct inventory. Want to learn how?

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Emerging Dealership Marketing Trends for 2023

Marketing strategies for car dealerships are always evolving, just like any other industry, so it’s important to keep up with the current automotive marketing trends and keep an eye on new technology that’s making a splash.

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