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Improve Your Lot: Used Car Learnings With Sam Karim

The used car market continues to fluctuate. As the industry evolves to meet these changes, it’s important that dealers be flexible in how they source, manage, and sell. Now, more than ever before, operations and processes need to be managed efficiently. To help along the way, we have compiled our learnings in the used car market and put together a comprehensive eBook with strategies and tactics to improve your lot today!

Key takeaways include:

  • Starting On The Path To Owning Your Used Car Operations With Data
  • Leveraging Data To Acquire More Consumer Vehicles
  • Merchandising For People, Not Machines
  • Putting A Price That Matters To Value For Consumers
  • Identifying Data-Based Patterns To Create Your Sales Dream Team
  • Putting All the Pieces Together For Operational Success

Now is the time to shift your dealership into overdrive. Find out what tactics and strategies you can be using to improve your lot by downloading the eBook today.

About the Author

Sam Karim has worked in the automotive industry for 10+ years. With a background in finance and economics, he has a unique understanding of pricing, trends, and the future direction of the used car market. Over the last decade, Sam has worked to improve the customer experience for automotive dealers on both the financial and SaaS side of the business. This holistic understanding of operations allows Sam to be a partner and consultant for solving complex problems in the automotive retail world. In his current role, he focuses on various facets of training, process improvement, and other innovative ways to inspire growth on a daily basis. Sam is a dedicated advisor, trusted advocate, and creative solution provider capable of elevating dealerships to the next level.