Inventory Managment Platform

MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Platform, formerly known as FirstLook, is a fully integrated inventory solution that empowers dealers with advanced analytics, cutting edge best practices and decision making tools designed to maximize opportunities for generating faster turn and higher gross profits simultaneously.

By FirstLook


Quickly sources the hottest selling vehicles in your market, and also those vehicles you already have a successful track record of selling quickly and profitably.


Easy to use, MAXDigital’s Appraisal tool helps you close more trade-ins effectively while maximizing gross profits. Leveraging the industry’s largest and most accurate source of vehicle market data, dealers gain insight into knowing what to buy and for how much.


Delivers real-time market and wholesale data from the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable data set, and allows you to appraise, price, and merchandise inventory from the desktop to your mobile device.

Group Performance

With the Group Command Center, dealer groups have total visibility of their entire used car operations, can quickly identify opportunities to improve performance and enable best practices at every store.

Store Performance

With the Store Performance Dashboard, used car operators gain insight into opportunities for reducing aging risk, improve appraisal effectiveness, value pricing and sourcing the right vehicles from the right places at the right price.

Online Performance

With insights into each store’s online performance, dealers can increase time to market and digital performance.

Mobile Application

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