MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software

Formerly known as FirstLook, our automotive inventory management software gives dealers the decision-making tools they need. Our platform helps our partners maximize inventory sales and achieve higher gross profits.

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Easily Manage Your Inventory With Help From MAXDigital

MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software helps dealerships perform three vital functions:

acquisition, appraisal, & pricing.

MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software helps dealerships navigate the demands of a digital market. The MAXDigital platform assists dealers in three key areas: acquisition, appraisal, and pricing.

MaxDigital Automotive Inventory Management

MaxDigital Inventory Management Acquisition


By assessing your market’s hottest-selling vehicles and pulling your historical sales data to see your dealership’s best-selling vehicles, MAXDigital makes it easy to acquire new inventory quickly and strategically.

MaxDigital Inventory Management Appraisal


MAX makes trade-in negotiations smoother with our Cost-to-Market appraisal tool. We gather and analyze vehicle market data, and provide your sales team with instant, thorough results — so you know which vehicles to buy and at what price.

MaxDigital Inventory Management Pricing


Immediately appraise, price, and merchandise inventory from your desktop or mobile device. MAXDigital pricing tools help your sales team avoid making unnecessary discounts by consolidating price point validation from third parties.

MaxDigital Inventory Management Software Dashboard

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Track Your Dealership’s Performance With Greater Accuracy

MAXDigital helps you find solutions to problems on any scale. Our auto inventory management software lets you coordinate at the group and store level.

MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software

Group Performance

Take advantage of the Group Command Center for absolute visibility of your dealership’s used car operations across all stores.

Store Performance

Use the Store Performance Dashboard to manage individual stores within your group.

Online Performance

Armed with insights about each store’s online performance, you can increase digital performance.

“To put it bluntly, MAXDigital’s tools take an OK and average dealer and make them better. Not only do you have all the data in hand, but I get much faster service from MAX. From acquisition through sales, in lane buying and appraisal … when I’m looking to buy, what cars I need to buy and where to go get them — MAXDigital offers a complete tool.”

Pat Buchanan, Used Car Sales Manager, Zimbrick Chevrolet

“Using the MAX product, I can see every car that’s out there for sale, comparing models and matching the exact options. When you’re dealing with a customer, it provides the best leverage for why you’re pricing a car a certain way.”

Todd Currie, Pre-Owned Sales Manager, BMW of Peabody

“With the data we have in hand now, I can look at everything from the closing rate on trades to the top sellers for the past two, six or eight weeks. I can get down to what option packages and colors give me the fastest turnarounds.”

Pat Buchanan, Used Car Sales Manager, Zimbrick Chevrolet