MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software

Formerly known as FirstLook, this fully integrated automotive inventory software gives dealers advanced analytics and decision-making tools. Our platform is designed to help our partners maximize inventory turnover and achieve higher gross profits.

By FirstLook

Revolutionary Automotive Inventory Management from MAXDigital

MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software helps dealerships perform three vital functions: acquisition, appraisal, and pricing.

Based on years of experience working in the car retail industry, as well as our own proprietary research, the MAXDigital Inventory Management Platform helps dealers cope with the demands of today’s market. We help your store find the right cars in the right place at the right price without getting overwhelmed.

The MAXDigital platform includes the following auto dealer inventory management tools.


This function offers quick sourcing of your market’s most searched for and hottest-selling vehicles. We also tap into your historical sales data to find vehicles your dealership has a successful track record of selling quickly and profitably. This data is pulled directly from a dealership’s DMS. Our stocking tools help dealers determine what vehicles can sell at consistently high margins.


Our Cost-to-Market Appraisal tool gives dealers the insight they need to negotiate trade-ins effectively. We do so by leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate source of vehicle market data, analyzing that data on a granular scale, such as trim level or equipment, and providing your sales team with instant results. This software details which cars you should buy and at what price to achieve the most profit.


This function uses real-time market and wholesale data from the automotive industry’s furthest reaching and reliable data set, allowing your dealership to remain competitive with your market’s average. You can immediately appraise, price, and merchandise inventory from your desktop or mobile device. To help your staff prevent unnecessary discounting, our pricing tools offer price point validation from third parties based on specific equipment, packages, trim, and more.

Track Your Dealership’s Performance with Greater Accuracy

MAXDigital goes above and beyond to give you solutions to problems on any scale. That’s why our auto inventory management software lets you coordinate at the group and store level.

Group Performance

The Group Command Center lets you enjoy absolute visibility for your dealership group’s entire used car operations, so you can quickly identify opportunities to improve performance and enable best practices at every store.

Store Performance

The Store Performance Dashboard lets you manage individual stores within your group. Find opportunities with your used car inventory to improve inventory turnover, streamline your acquisition process, and source high demand vehicles.

Online Performance

Armed with insights about each store’s online performance, you can increase time to market and digital performance with our tools. In depth analytics help you identify areas for improvement.

Mobile Application

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