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June 2022






Congratulations to Ralph Sellers CDJR, MAX Digital’s June Dealership of the Month

Ralph Sellers CDJR is committed to a family-first environment and providing the best customer service. Find out more about Ralph Sellers CDJR and how they leverage MAX Digital.

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It’s Time to Start Paying Attention to What’s Going On Around Us

Is your dealership ready for the coming storm? If you aren’t paying attention to what’s happening, you risk becoming a victim. Join Jeremy Lewis as he walks down a path of how to navigate turbulent waters on the road to success in the automotive industry.

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The Three Steps to Landing More Appointments at Your Dealership

Do you want to be as successful tomorrow as you are today? Then you need to bring in solutions that unite people and technology. Start landing more appointments on your lot by implementing one simple thing…

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Break on Through to the Other Side

Are you stuck in a rut? Then it’s time to break on through to the other side. Stop using solutions that restrict your dealership. Now is the time to implement technologies built for the automotive retail industry. Ready to learn more?

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The “Show Don’t Tell” Method for Your Dealership

When it comes to your dealership, are you showing or telling? Relying on old strategies might seem like an easy route. But in reality, if you aren’t vibrant in how you operate, nobody is going to pay attention. Stop telling. Start showing.

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Top 5 Ways to Acquire More Inventory for your Dealership

Do you want to acquire more inventory? Then it is time to get creative. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get more vehicles on your lot. Want to learn how? Here are 5 tried and true methods for your dealership…

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