June 2023 Newsletter - MAX Digital



June 2023




Congratulations to Pritchard Family Auto, MAX Digital’s June Dealership of the Month

With their dedicated and diverse offerings, this auto group brings more than just vehicles to North Iowa. Learn more about Pritchard Family Auto and how they partner with MAX for success.


How to Master Your Market with the Basics for the Used Auto Industry in 2023: Introduction

Are you ready to master the used car market? MAX’s Tim Scoutelas has a plan to help you conquer automotive retail in 2023. He lays out his four steps to success in this blog. Discover where to begin, what to work on, and how to plan for a successful year.


Automotive Merchandising Best Practices

How valuable is transparency to your used car operations? From appraisal to sale, dealers should integrate honesty and truth to build confidence and relationships with customers. Where do you stand?

The Foundation for Success: The Right Inventory in the Right Condition for the Right Price

Are you ready for a transformation? The building blocks to success are within reach. If you want to construct a foundation that will support you throughout the year, you need to start acquiring, appraising, and selling cars the right way!

The Importance of Car Sales Training for Dealership Success

Car sales training is crucial for dealerships to stay competitive in the ever-changing automotive market. Effective training can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase sales and revenue, and boost employee morale and retention.