Merchandise Your Inventory with MAX Ad

Digital Merchandising Solutions


The modern consumer uses online sources as their primary source for making decisions. You need to be prepared to meet these customers where they’re looking and demonstrate the value of your vehicles. MAX Ad from MAXDigital makes this process easy by creating ads designed for the modern car shopper.


MAX Ad Gives Consumers the Information They Want to Know

MAX Ad will help you effortlessly merchandise your inventory by creating consumer relevant ads. These will be built from information generated by the MAX Content Generation Engine by integrating with your inventory management system.

Each Ad contains images and an optimal format description of specific vehicle information. These ads are easy to read, explain pricing, and answer most questions that the typical customer would have about the vehicle. Look through these example questions to see how MAX Ad builds its ads around the buyer’s experience.

Is this car right for me?
Am I buying a lemon?
Is this a fair price?
Why is this car better than the others I've seen?
Why should I buy from this dealer?

Once the ads are created, MAX Ad automatically sends them out, along with images and pricing details, to over 200 third party websites like and Autotrader.

To learn more about MAX Ad or any of our other digital merchandising tools, contact us at (888) 841-0884.

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