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All the information you need to sell a vehicle instantly at your fingertips. Empower your team and exceed your customer’s expectations with MAX Digital Showroom.

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Set More Appointments. Sell More Cars. Make More Money.


1. Find Vehicles Faster

Just type in what you want to find Google-style. Use a minus sign to exclude. Search by categories or VIN or stock number too. Our search is faster, more accurate and easier to use than typical websites.

2. Make the Car the Star

We’ve tested the customer facing design extensively and developed a preferred layout that makes a very attractive and compelling follow up. The interactive features encourage customers to take the next step.

3. Be An Instant Expert

All of the detail is available instantly from premium packages to high value equipment in a quick scan format, so your inbound lead team can answer any customer question and set more appointments.

4. Share a Better Experience

The personalized link is made to share while you are still talking with the customer or  engaging them via chat, text or email so you can confirm choices and options together. Any changes made by the customer are seen by any team member serving that customer.

5. Give the Customer the Wheel

Customers are in charge, they may not come in exactly when expected or may have changed their mind on a car or purchase plan. With MAX Digital Showroom the customer carries their online progress with them. That progress is always accessible via text, email or scan.

6. Make it Fun and Easy!

Car buying should be fun. MAX Digital Showroom makes that a lot easier. When your rep is not stressed, your customer is happier. When your sales person can have their vehicles sanitized and ready for a test drive, your customer is delighted. And when car buying is fun and easy everyone wins!

MAX Digital really gives us a compelling reason as to why the car is priced right to begin with… When the customers believe and have validation that it’s a good price from a third party, it’s easier for them to feel relaxed and confident that we’re treating them fairly.

Jeff Pursel

Variable Operations Director