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Automotive Inventory Management System by MAX Digital

From analyzing millions of VINs daily to including OEM window stickers, no other automotive inventory management software has better data than MAX Inventory. With robust desktop and mobile solutions, equip your team with end-to-end visibility of your entire pre-owned operations process.

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The Power of MAX Inventory

  • Acquire And Stock
    With Confidence

Using proprietary algorithms, including current market velocity and your sales history, MAX Inventory is the dependable software for used car dealers that identifies the highest potential vehicles to add to your inventory. Internal transfers, make-a-deal opportunities and quick links to auctions help reliably stock directly from your dashboard.

  • Instantly Appraise

Appraisals are built on one of the most complete market datasets in the industry, with the ability to precisely reflect the most current fair-market value of each vehicle based on market demand for comparable year, make model, trim, mileage, condition and more.

  • Validate Your

With real-time relevant vehicle valuation and ten pricing proof points, including third-party resources like KBB, NADA and Edmunds, you can validate your pricing and appraisals making it easy to avoid unnecessary discounting.


Deep Market Data Joined With Your Sales History  

Stock, price, and appraise vehicles to match your local market demand with highly customizable attributes.

  • Methodically target the years, makes and models most likely to sell from your location.
  • Accurately price to reflect true-market value.
  • Appraise and price with precision across the full inventory cycle.



Drive Full-Group Performance

Performance intelligence trusted by some of the largest automotive groups in the industry.

  • Drive results within and across locations.
  • Maximize total efficiency and profitability.
  • Manage and transfer inventory at the group level.
  • Establish common workflow for inventory management.

Driving Gross + Volume

Matching market demand means you don’t have to choose gross or volume. Stock the right vehicles and price them to move profitably.

  • Market data accuracy ensures strong initial planning.
  • Simple workflows and clear aging alerts secure timely adjustments.
  • Price value is supported by ten pricing proof points including KBB, NADA, and Edmunds.


Award-Winning Inventory Management

More Features We Think You’ll Love

  • Performance dashboards and alerts  

Available across a wide range of measures, from staff performance on closing rates to aging reports and benchmarking.

  • Easy photo upload

Getting cars showroom-ready is easier when you can select photos from your mobile device during the vehicle intake process.

  • Virtual lot walk

Daily cadence and discipline is built in with digital workflow and alerts that help you stay on top of inventory decisions for each vehicle on your lot.

  • Retail market intelligence

Whether managing a group or single store, dealers have full access to powerful insights from key performance metrics, alerting them to opportunities for improving gross, turnover, and total dealership performance.

  • In-group auctions

Groups can create a private auction space with the ability to transfer and track inventory across locations to optimize complete return for the group.

  • Support retail sales

With mobile features, sales professionals can leverage MAX Inventory’s rich data repository and have real-time relevant vehicle valuation in the palm of their hand.

  • OEM window stickers

Access to millions of original window stickers across sixteen OEM brands at no additional charge.

  • Exceptional value

The most cost-effective inventory management. Everything you need for less than you’d expect.

  • New Super-Fast Scanner

Now scanning is even faster from any angle in the lane, dealership or on the go. Extensive vehicle information available in an instant.

We help thousands of dealerships retain gross profits through every stage of a vehicle’s inventory cycle.

MAX brings a lot to the table. There is an endless amount of data that one can dive into to find out how to increase profitability.

– Tyler Zinsmeyer

General Sales Manager, Sharon Chevrolet