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As the car buying process becomes more digital, dealerships are losing out on potential profits. MAX Digital can help. Through a combination of outstanding customer service and our advanced Marketing and Sales Platform, your dealership will be fully equipped to win today’s digital customer. In addition to Our Solutions, we offer a variety of resources you can use to assess and enhance your dealership. Find out more about each below.
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Assess Your Drop

Car buying has moved into the digital realm and customers can research inventory before they ever see the inside of your showroom. Many dealerships respond to this by unnecessarily discounting inventory, which leads to a decrease in your profit margin, costing you money in the long term. Take our 5-minute quiz to see how you can help #StopTheDrop at your dealership.

Evaluate Your Dealership

Is your dealership prepared to win today’s digital customer? If you’re unsure, or want to see how you can improve, take our brief assessment to evaluate your dealership. In order to glean the most precise results from your dealership audit, be sure to answer each question with the utmost accuracy.

Our Success Stories

Sometimes the most compelling testimonies for a business come from your peers, which is why we’d like to share our favorite success stories with you. Thousands of dealerships nationwide have partnered with MAX Digital in order to navigate the digital-car buying market. See for yourself how our extended experience working in, and with, car dealerships has helped us help you.

Co-op Opportunities

MAX Digital is the only provider of OEM integration, making our co-ops an excellent option for OEMs. This integration lets us use the original equipment packages to create VDPs and ads for your inventory. Our co-op programs allow you to maintain the value of your brand throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. Learn about our specific BMW & MINI co-op by clicking on the link above.

White Papers by MAX Digital

At MAX Digital, our ultimate goal is to help your dealership. Using our 15 plus years of experience in the automotive industry, we compiled several White Papers outlining some of our share-worthy ideas. Some topics include bridging the digital disconnect, how to improve inventory acquisition, and how to accurately price your inventory.

Learn more about how MAX Digital can help your dealership.

If you have any questions about our resources, please feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives. We also offer a free product demonstration that can fully outline how MAX Digital’s strategies can boost your business — schedule your demo today.