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May 2021

Dealer of the Month

Sanford INFINITI strives for quality in all that they do and is committed to achieving operational excellence. Learn how they leverage MAX Digital’s tools to drive a superior customer experience. Congrats to our May Dealer of the Month!

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Pushing the Boundary of Inventory Management to Maximize Profits

When it comes to inventory management, you need to push the boundaries of how your solution can help you maximize profits. Now is the time to get competitive. What are you waiting for?

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What Do Grosses Look Like in the New World? Part III

Can an active trade appraisal help you hold more gross? Join Damon Walker for Part 3 in his blog series examining how a next-generation solution can work for you on every transaction. Discover how ⬇️

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What Do Grosses Look Like in the New World? Part IV

From material costs to chip shortages, the automotive industry is navigating uncharted waters. Join Damon Walker for part 4 of his blog series as he discusses how to maximize profits in the new world.

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From Couch to Car: Reimagining the Future of Car Shopping

The way consumers shop for cars is constantly changing. Yesterday, shopping occurred on the physical lot. Today, it happens from the couch. But what does tomorrow hold? Read on to find out more.

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Dazzle Through Disruption with a Dynamic Digital Showroom

Are you poised to handle all of the disruptions taking place in the auto industry? It’s time to get dynamic and proactive by deploying a solution that dazzles through the disruptions…it’s time for a digital showroom.

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Can Digital Retailing Stand the Test of Time?

Automotive retail is skewing more digital every day. But will this trend continue? There are many factors and emerging technologies that impact shopping habits on a daily basis. Find out what dealerships need to do today to be successful tomorrow.

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Upcoming Events

Tampa: June 8 – 10

Digital Retailing: Beyond the Buy Now Button

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM

We aren’t just in the car business; we are in the people business. Digital retail is simply retail with the help of digital tools. Adding a buy now button and being able to get lender approvals and quotes on F&I products digitally won’t sell cars. Sales professionals must address the customer’s needs, answer their questions, and connect with them if you want to be successful in 2021 and beyond. The prolonged period of isolation during the coronavirus outbreak has proved that our society yearns for connection with other human beings.

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Tim Scoutelas
Director, Strategic Accounts
MAX Digital

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