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May 2022






Congratulations to Volvo Cars Plymouth, MAX Digital’s May Dealership of the Month

Volvo Cars Plymouth’s consistent commitment to customer service has helped differentiate them from the pack. Find out more about Volvo Cars Plymouth and how they leverage MAX Digital.

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Top 5 Ways to Acquire More Inventory for your Dealership

Do you want to acquire more inventory? Then it is time to get creative. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get more vehicles on your lot. Want to learn how? Here are 5 tried and true methods for your dealership…

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How to Do Next to Nothing…and Get the Right Inventory on Your Lot?

It’s not enough to simply get vehicles on your lot. You need the right inventory that will sell quickly for the most profit. In the past, doing this was costly and time-consuming. Step into the future with solutions to acquire the right vehicles by doing next to nothing.

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Build Value into a Vehicle to Improve the Customer Experience in 3 Easy Steps

Building value in a vehicle is important. And doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s time to focus on improving the experience you provide on your lot by delivering a seamless and transparent process for trade-ins and appraisals. Here are the top 3 ways how…

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The Impact of Training and Development at Your Dealership

Training and development are important in our industry. If you want to improve your staff’s ability to be product experts, then you need to have a solution for a digital showroom on your lot. Empower your team by giving them a way to get instant answers to consumer questions.

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Paint a Picture With the Words You Choose to Advertise Your Inventory With

Stop writing bland ads. Your descriptions should be robust and colorful, providing every piece of important information to the consumer while they are shopping on your various platforms. Start painting a vibrant picture of your inventory and improve the customer experience today.

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