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April 2021

Dealer of the Month

Our April Dealership of the Month strives to make their community a better place and provide the ultimate customer experience. Learn more about how they leverage MAX Digital’s suite of solutions for digital retailing success.

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The Wonderful World of Digital Retailing

Digital retailing is more than just a phrase. It is a bridge between digital touchpoints and traditional sales. Make sure your team is ready to deliver a modern customer experience. Learn how to get ready for this trend…

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What Do Grosses Look Like in the New World? Part I

Grosses are constantly fluctuating. How things were yesterday are vastly different than how they will be tomorrow. It is important that you deploy the right tools to help you hold more gross. Learn how to accomplish this in part 1 of Damon Walker’s blog series examining what grosses look like in the new world.

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What Do Grosses Look Like in the New World? Part II

In part two of Damon Walker’s blog series on holding more gross in the new world, he discusses how dealers need to use a next generation tool for trade-in and appraisal, as well as advanced solutions for a digital showroom. Learn more…

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The 5 Stages of When Your Dealership Needs to Engage with Customers

For a customer, the buying journey can be overwhelming. There are many different stages when you should be interacting with your audience. That’s why you need to be selective when you engage with consumers. Here are the top 5 stages for interacting with customers…

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Unlock a New Dealership Experience by Changing How You Think

How you think about your customer’s experience is important to drive sales. Put yourself in their shoes and transform their expectations to provide an experience that goes above and beyond what’s anticipated on your lot. Learn more…

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Top 5 Steps for Digital Transformation at Your Dealership

If you haven’t already started your dealership on the path to digital transformation, you may be in trouble. Don’t wait another second. Read more to discover the top 5 steps for digital transformation at your dealership.

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Upcoming Events

Tampa: June 8 – 10

Digital Retailing: Beyond the Buy Now Button

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM

We aren’t just in the car business; we are in the people business. Digital retail is simply retail with the help of digital tools. Adding a buy now button and being able to get lender approvals and quotes on F&I products digitally won’t sell cars. Sales professionals must address the customer’s needs, answer their questions, and connect with them if you want to be successful in 2021 and beyond. The prolonged period of isolation during the coronavirus outbreak has proved that our society yearns for connection with other human beings.

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Tim Scoutelas
Director, Strategic Accounts
MAX Digital

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