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October 2021

How Dealerships Can Thrive in the Face of Adversity Headed into the End of the Year

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Adversity will always find a way to rear its ugly head, but that doesn’t mean you need to be afraid. Find out how technology can help your dealership in the face of adversity.

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October Dealership-of-the-Month: Joseph Chevrolet

Congrats to Joseph Chevrolet, our October Dealership of the Month! As a team, they aim to build a better community for their customers, as well as everyone in the Cincinnati area. Learn more about how they use MAX Digital to provide their customers with the best value possible.

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There’s Something About Customer Service

How important is customer service? If your answer isn’t “very”, then you might be missing out on a lot of sales, referral business, and positive reviews. In our technology-driven world, there is more visibility than ever before. The time to emphasize customer service is now.

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What I Learned this Summer in the Car Business

MAX Digital’s Tim Scoutelas has been busy this past summer learning some new and amazing lessons about the automotive retail industry. Join Tim on a ride as he discusses what he’s learned with industry experts around the country.

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Improve Training at Your Dealership with a Digital Showroom

Properly training your staff is critical to your dealership’s success. As a result, you need to be proactive by utilizing solutions that can transform your team into instant product experts. Discover how you can empower your team and put them into a position to sell.

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Why are Customers Willing to Wait on a List for a Vehicle?

What’s the new norm? Waiting on a list for a vehicle? There is a reason why consumer shopping habits are changing. MAX Digital’s Jack Kane weighs in on the importance of transparency and becoming consultants instead of negotiators.

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The Two Approaches to Selling During Difficult Times

Whether you are thriving or merely surviving, chances are you subscribe to one of two different schools of thought about selling. You may be clinging to traditional, consistent values, or you may be pivoting to new methods. But have you thought about combining the two?

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How Often Should You Monitor and Price Your Inventory?

Prices are fluctuating like crazy because of market conditions. As a result, your daily cadence needs to change. How often should you be monitoring inventory? It might be more often than you think. If you don’t stay on top of your inventory, you risk leaving money on the table.

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Used Car Week 2021 Preview

Used Car Week is right around the corner. MAX Digital’s Tim Scoutelas will be presenting on how franchised dealers can level up in the battle against online supercenters. Registration is open. Reserve your spot today.

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