A Smarter Sales Process For Today’s Digital Consumer

The car buying process is changing. Specifically, it’s starting earlier. Thanks to the immediacy and vastness of the internet, today’s consumers have more knowledge than ever about the cars they are interested in buying — before they even set foot inside your dealership.

For traditional car dealers, it’s important to keep up with internet car buying for two reasons:

  1. To better, and more honestly, connect with customers
  2. To avoid giving up opportunities to newer, leaner digital retail dealerships

Arm your sales team with the information they need and avoid giving unnecessary discounts to modern consumers who have spent over 12 hours researching online before they step into your showroom. MAXDigital gives you and your employees the tools you need to keep up with digital trends, be transparent in customer interactions, and make used car sales at prices that are fair to both dealer and consumer.

Learn about MAXDigital’s four-part system below.

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Acquire inventory that consumers want to buy

The Right Price

To bring in customers, you stock inventory that they want to buy. To sell vehicles to customers, you offer them fair, honest prices by pricing to the market.

MAXDigital’s Cost-to-Market Appraisal tool is your ultimate bargaining chip — explore the largest, most accurate collection of vehicle market data all in one place. The appraisal tool gives dealers the ability to define a competitive set for each specific vehicle to see how it stacks up against similar vehicles in the market.


The MAXDigital Acquisition Advantage

MAXDigital pulls dealership sales history directly from the DMS. By combining dealership historical data with market data, dealers can easily see the vehicles they already sell consistently, as well as the vehicles customers want to see on dealer lots.

To acquire an inventory with the highest profit potential, MAXDigital’s stocking tools build a vehicle shopping list from both the dealership’s core inventory and market-suggested inventory. This way, dealers retain the inventory base that has made them successful, while incorporating new, popular used vehicles that may radically increase profits.


Compete by pricing-to-market

The Market Average

Vehicles at dealerships need to be priced at or near local market average to be competitive online, and ultimately to bring customers to the store.

Dealers need:

  • A strong understanding of their pricing strategy
  • A tool that validates the price to consumers through every stage of the buying process

MAXDigital’s market-based pricing tool takes care of both of these dealer needs.

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Precision Pticing

With MAXDigital, dealers have the unique ability to narrow down searches to specific equipment and packages, find certain trim levels, and access the most comprehensive, updated market listings. A wealth of specific, relevant information makes it easy to competitively price each and every vehicle.

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Demonstrate quality and create value

Effectively merchandising a vehicle online is more important than ever. Promote transparency and understanding between dealer and consumer by creating content that is appealing, valuable, and easily digestible for consumers.

Take Pictures

Capture vehicle photos and upload directly to online listings as soon as a vehicle hits the lot with the MAX Mobile app.

Custom Window Stickers

Print customizable window stickers and buyer guides for new and used inventory after updating listing data online.

Options, Equipment, and Packages

Dealers can quickly manage and select equipment option packages that maximize a vehicle’s value (online or via mobile with the MAX app).

Distribute to Multiple Websites

Automatically syndicate vehicle listings in real time to over 300 websites including Autotrader™, Cars.com™, all dealership websites, and many more.

Clean, Intuitive Formatting

MAX formats highlights and descriptions in an appealing and organized way.


Use the power of information and data to your advantage

Connect with consumers by speaking their language, and speaking it early — today’s consumers start a decision making process long before they walk through your dealership doors. MAXDigital gets you involved in that process by showing the true value of vehicles and creating excitement among consumers conducting initial digital research.

Cohesive Customer Experience

Each website value report features a dealer’s branding and contact information, as well as a description of what makes their dealership unique. The MAXDigital value report also features a dealership’s DealerRater™ ratings – important, because 90% of consumers make buying decisions based on consumer reviews.

Product Experts Sell Cars

MAXDigital eliminates the sales representative versus customer “negotiation face-off.” Your sales team has direct access to share real-time inventory and pricing information, and your customers are shopping justifiable prices. Build trust between your sales team and your consumers by harnessing the power of information with MAXDigital.

Price Mobile screenshot