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Empower Both Your Sales Team and the Customer

MAX Path to Purchase: Pricing Package benefits both your sales staff and the customer, by offering transparency and building value throughout the entire process.

The Pricing Package includes:

  • Customer Boards: This tool creates customer boards of vehicles they’re interested in, building value for the car with your customers. Boards can be saved and shared with the customer via email or text message.
  • Real-time Showroom Price Updates: This feature updates car prices in real-time for individual customers, which fosters “low-haggle” sales environments.
  • Enhanced Closer: This feature provides more vehicle data, such as packages, pricing, pricing proof points, and Carfax highlights, helping your team close sales and hold gross.
  • Premium Inventory Filters: This tool offers free-form search and additional filtering options to your inventory search, enabling customers to easily find the vehicle they want.
MAXDigital Inventory Management Tool - cost to market
Track and Improve Your Car Sales Progress in Real Time

Track and Improve Your Car Sales Progress in Real Time

MAX Path to Purchase: Pricing Package allows you to stop car salesperson turnover by tweaking the process right when issues occur.

The Standard Package includes:

  • Workflow Tracker: This tool Simplifies the sales process to 4 steps, letting both customers and sales staff know where they are in the process at all times.
  • Real-Time Dashboard: This dashboard providing real-time updates, allowing you to monitor and improve your sales process quickly.
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