Build Trust With Customers Using Accurate Pricing Proof Points

With the modern car-buying process shifting into the digital realm, customers arrive at dealerships armed with online research about your inventory. When customers have data on everything from prices to packages, they expect what they see in your physical showroom to match. And if it doesn’t? Dealerships either lose the sale or unnecessarily discount the price to save it.

To counteract this shift, it’s critical that dealerships are consistently accurate and transparent with the prices of their inventory. Too many dealerships drop prices to make a quick sale, but at MAXDigital we encourage a different approach. Instead of discounting, we suggest proving the value of your inventory to build trust with customers and, ultimately, make a sale at the original price point.

Dealerships can accomplish this goal using a combination of MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software and Automotive Digital Retailing Platform. These tools not only help salespeople understand your pricing strategy, but can also validate your pricing choices to customers. One of the many methods provided by MAXDigital are pricing proof points from well-recognized third parties as well as OEM packages, original MSRP and the average Internet price of similar local vehicles.

Too many dealerships drop prices to make a quick sale.

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Pricing proof points are reports customers can view that help to justify a vehicle’s price. When customers are given clear, accurate data about why your inventory is priced a certain way, the trust builds, and you have a better chance at making that sale.

To learn more about how MAXDigital can assist your dealership, contact one of our helpful representatives. You can also schedule a product demonstration for even more insight into our solutions.