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Annual Dealer Research

2021 Dealer Study

Digital Retailing & Keeping Profits Up

What role did the pandemic play in digital retailing? How much of the sales process is happening online? Are dealers planning to change their process? MAX Digital, in conjunction with Erickson Research, surveyed automotive dealers to learn more.

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2020 Dealer Study

Digital Retailing & Building Success

How is digital retailing changing the landscape for dealers as they head into 2020? What changes do they expect to best engage customers online and offline? The expansion of digital retailing presents unique opportunities MAX Digital explored in the fourth annual dealer insights survey.

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2019 Dealer Study

Uncover Missing Profit Opportunities

Where are the profits going? More importantly, how can we get them back? MAX Digital, in conjunction with Erickson Research, surveyed 400+ automotive dealers across the United States to learn more.

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2018 Dealer Study

Salesperson Turnover Causing Dealers to Rethink Sales Strategies

What’s driving so much salesperson turnover? What changes are dealers going to make? How can you reduce your dealership’s turnover? MAX Digital took the initiative to find out.

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2017 Dealer Study

Trust, Value, & Profits in Today’s Digital Age

During the 2017 NADA Convention we surveyed nearly 400 dealers to understand the degree of trust they believe customers have in dealerships and whether dealers are focused on selling based on quality and value, or price.

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MAX Consumer Insight Studies

MAX Consumer Insights

COVID-19 Impact on Consumers | May 2020

How has interest in purchasing a vehicle changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Where are the significant shifts and how trusted is the dealership-based purchase process? MAX Digital asked 3,000 25-55 year olds to find out.

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MAX Consumer Insights

COVID-19 Impact Regional Differences | May 2020

How has purchase interest changed at the regional level due to COVID-19? This article details the areas where survey results varied significantly by region from the COVID-19 Impact On Consumer study national results.

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MAX Consumer Insights

Coronavirus Impact Survey | March 2020

We asked people how their world and car buying habits have changed due to the coronavirus. What kinds of vehicles were/are they looking for? How do they want to buy? When do they expect things to go back to normal? Find out what they said.

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